Don’t be fooled, May’s talks with Corbyn merely bide her time

first_imgMay knows that even if her talks with Corbyn are doomed to fail, being seen to engage will send the right message to Barnier, Tusk et al.And as long as the EU is still speaking to her, she can continue to cling to power.Watching Theresa May splutter and stutter as she ricochets from one humiliation to another, it’s hard for most people to believe that she would want to remain in Number 10.Yes, being Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has its perks – and of course, as a serious parliamentarian, May was keen to do her duty to the country.But, at this point, no one could accuse her of neglecting her duties by deciding to step down. And surely, throwing in the towel now – with a shred of dignity still in tact – would be a blessed relief to her. Share City A.M.’s opinion pages are a place for thought-provoking views and debate. These views are not necessarily shared by City A.M. Once the DUP and hardcore ERG had made it clear that they would not support her deal, it became apparent that it needed a lot of Labour support.And May’s promise to resign in the event of it getting through only paves the way for a Boris premiership, which is something few Labour MPs could stomach.As predicted, her deal failed to attract enough opposition votes, and although it has now, at last, been buried, May is still Prime Minister.As her one and only flagship policy, May’s deal should always have been synonymous with May.Once it failed, any other Prime Minister would have given in, and allowed a fresh face, with a fresh plan, to take over. Instead, she has changed her entire strategy in order to kick the can down the road yet again.May is using every trick in the book to delay her departure from Number 10, and will continue to do until forced to stop. And that means that the fabled leadership race may well be a lot further off than most of us would like to believe. whatsapp Without the support of the DUP (and no one’s counting on that anymore) the Conservatives have a vanishingly small working majority. This means that if a tiny clutch of weary Tory MPs sided with opposition parties in a vote of no confidence in the government, we’d be heading for a General Election.This game is a win-win for Corbyn, and as we all should have learned by now, negotiations between a weak party and a strong party have a habit of going very badly indeed.Imagining that the Prime Minister initiated these talks because she seriously believes that they will break the Brexit deadlock is fanciful.In reality, she made the perplexing decision to reach out to Corbyn – and alienate grassroots Conservatives – because it buys her some time from the EU.European leaders can’t understand why the Prime Minister has not reached out across party lines before now. They’ve never grasped the adversarial nature of Westminster politics, which is so different to that on the continent. EU leaders can’t comprehend why, in such a national crisis, all sides seem so unwilling to talk and compromise. whatsapp Friday 5 April 2019 8:18 am But Theresa May is not most people. Admirably or foolishly, whichever way you look at it, she has dedicated her entire life to Westminster politics in a way even the most committed parliamentarians struggle to understand.She spent her childhood stuffing envelopes for the Conservative party, met her husband, the then president of the Oxford Union Society, at a Conservative party student disco. She became a Conservative councillor when she was just 29, and has few friends, or even serious interests, outside of Westminster.Of course, she feels that she has a duty to sort out Brexit for the country, but she also feels – and perhaps more strongly – that she has a duty to herself to stick at the job she wanted so desperately for so long.Over and over again, the Prime Minister has proved that she is prepared to lose anything and everything – her political dignity, her principles, her Brexit secretaries – in exchange for a bit more time in power.Even when she gave the appearance of sacrificing her premiership to save her deal, it seems more likely that she was, in fact, sacrificing her deal to save her premiership. Very few people believe that the ongoing talks between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn will yield a satisfactory solution to the Brexit crisis.The Leader of the Opposition is in a ludicrously powerful position: he can demand exactly what he wants from May, and if she tries to make him shift or compromise, he will shrug his shoulders – and bring down her government. Don’t be fooled, May’s talks with Corbyn merely bide her time by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May Likebonvoyaged.comThese Celebs Are Complete Jerks In Real Life.bonvoyaged.comBleacherBreaker4 Sisters Take The Same Picture For 40 Years. 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After closure, Echo Ranch Bible Camp says there’s no evidence of COVID-19

first_imgCommunity | Coronavirus | Juneau | OutdoorsAfter closure, Echo Ranch Bible Camp says there’s no evidence of COVID-19July 31, 2020 by Adelyn Baxter, KTOO Share:Camper cabins at Echo Ranch Bible Camp in winter. (Flickr photo by Kristin Harvey)A Juneau summer camp closed recently over concerns about COVID-19. Now, staff say everyone who was tested for the virus received negative results. Echo Ranch Bible Camp welcomed campers back in late June, but canceled the two remaining sessions last week after two campers from a previous session became sick and were tested for COVID-19. Camp Director Randy Alderfer said both tests came back negative, as well as the results for several other people who were tested as a precaution. Alderfer said they had 285 campers over the four weeks of camp. They had a COVID-19 mitigation plan approved by the City and Borough of Juneau that included extra cleaning and social distancing, but not masks. Share this story:last_img read more

Mad Men Season Six in Review: Both Sides, Now

first_imgTVUncategorizedMad Men Season Six in Review: Both Sides, NowThey made it. We look back at a season fraught with drugs, sex, violence—and hope.By Jenny Lower – July 1, 2013553ShareEmailFacebookTwitterPinterestReddItIt’s been a full week since Mad Men season six wrapped up and we entered a sad, Don Draper-less limbo of watered-down Manhattans and happy marriages. We spent our forced leave rewatching season six—it’s a tough job, but hey—replaying every last whorehouse flashback and smarmy Bob Benson smile and speculating about what Matthew Weiner might have up his sleeve for the show’s seventh and final season. Here are a few things that hit us.This season, more than any other, gave the impression of going off the rails while retreading old ground. Sound like 1968? (Pete’s mom: “They killed that poor Kennedy boy.” Pete: “That happened years ago.”) We had “The Crash,” the amphetamine-fest that recalled “Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency” with its sudden, William-Tell violence and sheer WTF-ness. We saw Peggy pursue (will she never learn?) another illicit office romance (#Ted, #Pete, #Duck) and Don briefly rekindle a fling with Betty before spiraling into the self-destructive drinking he displayed post-divorce. The agency’s reboot winked at “Shut the Door. Have a Seat.” Even Don’s final Hershey’s pitch recalled “The Carousel” from season one. And did Pete ever stop whining? It’s tough to do a show for six seasons and not repeat yourself.As Weiner has pointed out, this season’s central issue was whether people ever really change. Even in the ninth circle of hell, there you are. As frustrating as it can be to watch these characters retread the same tired grooves, they have changed—and this time, the stakes were higher. With Abe’s bayoneting, Peggy may have finally said goodbye to overgrown man-boys: Her affair with Ted isn’t just the ill-advised pining of a naïf but the deep love of a mature woman for a man she respects. Joan is working on her own Olsonesque climb, hell-bent on finally getting the professional opportunity, not just the title, she deserves. Roger gets his hustle back, bagging Chevy. Betty slims down, grows up, finds wisdom, and steps up to the mothering plate. Ken pays the Chevy piper twice, but he’s the only character to evolve from a skirt-chasing frat boy into a responsible family man. Pete flushes away his wife, daughter, and mother, but it’s Bob Benson’s professional checkmate that finally humbles him. And then there’s Don.Like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Dexter, and other shows starring shadowy anti-heroes, the writers toyed this season with how far they could push the limits of audience sympathy. They subverted the show’s tested formula, making Don behave badly at home and at work. The lowest circles of hell are reserved for fraud and treachery; Don nailed both. The slickness and glibness of the early seasons were mostly gone. Instead we saw Don cheat on Megan, lie to Sally, undermine Ted, thwart Peggy, dump Jaguar, drink in the morning, go to seed, develop a faint paunch, lose his grip on the zeitgeist, get dumped, get fired, and get meaner. He’s also more frail and physically reduced than ever. Never one for sobriety, Don gets high four times. He vomits at Roger’s mother’s funeral; he faints in his own living room; he nearly drowns in a pool; he repeatedly curls in a fetal position. He’s nakedly emotional in bed with Sylvia and Betty. This is a Don who needs a mother more than a lover. We’d even venture to say that his marriage to Megan topples because her healthy independence makes him feel abandoned all over again.Don’s sexuality and childhood took center stage this season via a daisy chain of flashbacks that finally connected the dots (perhaps a little too cleanly) on his serial philandering. We have to thank Abigail Rine, whose Atlantic piece “Don Draper Was Raped” prompted us to return to “The Crash,” an episode where Don’s sexual awakening competed with an office full of lunatics. Rine is spot on: Though Don seems to remember Aimee somewhat fondly (he digs out an oatmeal ad for which she was clearly the visual inspiration), his boundaries are violated when he is at his most vulnerable. When the news comes out—Aimee announces she “took the kid’s cherry” while Uncle Mac is giving her the boot—his stepmother beats him with a spoon. That cocktail of early unwanted sexual experience and shame goes a long way toward explaining why Don plays so fast and loose with other people’s boundaries, both inside and outside the bedroom: His own were never respected.Despite witnessing the lowest Draper moments in the show’s history, we also encountered some of Don’s best. The Heinz and Chevy campaigns are brilliant even by contemporary standards. He humbles himself before Ted to save Sylvia’s son Mitchell from the draft (for the wrong reasons, but still), and he sacrifices his own peace and marital stability to ensure Ted’s. He gets caught with his pants down and issues a pathetic, barefaced lie to his daughter, but he later tells her what he can of the truth. This monstrous Rosemary’s baby is taking steps in the right direction, however small and wobbly they might be. We’ve all but given up on parsing Bob Benson, except to note that the show likes to flirt with having other characters mimic Don. Where Peggy and Pete have been obvious parallels, this year the doubles proliferated—Betty follows Don’s “love ‘em and leave ‘em” playbook like a pro, Ted fills in as Peggy’s prized mentor, and Sally is well on her way toward a stint at the Betty Ford clinic. But Bob actually is Don, as close as it’s possible to be. The man who can’t stand to be himself proves an intoxicating, and toxic, template for those around him. We can’t say whether Bob will return next season, but by inserting two certifiable sociopaths in one show, Weiner seems to have a lot to say about the kind of people attracted to corporate America.As usual, the women made for arguably more compelling viewing than the men. The addition of Linda Cardellini as Don’s favorite Italian was genius; we can only hope Sally’s silence guarantees the conflicted Catholic a spot next season. Betty, Peggy, and Joan all experience professional or personal upticks, though Peggy and Joan are repeatedly painted into corners by the men in their lives. (Joanie felt vastly underused this season, but like a million other viewers, we’re biased. Who ever says that about Harry?) Their professional kinship and efforts to punch their way out through divergent but increasingly mirrored tactics should make for fascinating viewing next season.Tomorrow we’ll turn to the California sunshine filtering into Don’s dark world, and post some thoughts on season seven. For now, congrats to the writing team. Six down; only one to go. Read All Our Season 6 Recaps:Season 6 Episode 13: “In Care Of” Season 6 Episode 12: “The Quality of Mercy”Season 6 Episode 11: “Favors”Season 6 Episode 10: “A Tale of Two Cities”Season 6 Episode 9: “The Better Half”Season 6 Episode 8: “The Crash”Season 6 Episode 7: “Man With a Plan”Season 6 Episode 6: “For Immediate Release”Season 6 Episode 5: “The Flood”Season 6 Episode 4: “To Have and To Hold”Season 6 Episode 3: “The Collaborators”Season 6 Premiere (Episodes 1 and 2): “The Doorway”   TAGSAMCL.A Culturemad menRecapPrevious article11 Spots to See 4th of July Fireworks in L.A.Next articleAsk Chris: The Legal Way To Have An Explosive FourthJenny Lower RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORAmerica’s Biggest Movie Theater Chain Is No Longer on the Brink of Disaster—and It Only Took $917 MillionSources Say Amazon Wants to Buy AMC Theaters, but Does the Deal Make Sense?The Holiday Season Officially Starts with These L.A. Tree Lighting Eventslast_img read more

Uber promises 50,000 new EU jobs if regulators play ball

first_imgSunday 18 January 2015 11:28 pm Uber promises 50,000 new EU jobs if regulators play ball Express KCS Show Comments ▼ UBER boss Travis Kalanick yesterday vowed to create 50,000 new jobs in Europe this year, but only if regulators in European cities start working with Uber to introduce “progressive regulation” allowing the growth of ridesharing apps.“Uber is committed to establishing new partnerships with Europe’s cities to ensure innovation, harness powerful economic benefits and promote core city functions,” said Kalanick at the Digital-Life-Design Conference in Munich. Uber was previously banned across Germany after courts ruled it did not comply with laws on the carriage of passengers.In recent months Uber has been banned in Spain, Holland and New Delhi after an Indian woman was allegedly raped by an Uber driver. Just last month Paris banned Uber’s carpooling service UberPOP from the start of 2015.Kalanick said European regulators needed to introduce new common sense regulation that embraces changing technology and safety standards, pointing to 22 US jurisdictions which have introduced ride sharing regulations over the past year.Kalanick said Uber could help remove 400,000 cars from European streets in 2015, reducing emissions as travellers ditch their cars by using the smartphone app.Since Uber’s arrival in London two years ago the San Francisco startup has created 7,800 jobs and claims over 900,000 people have used the service. In December Uber raised $1.2bn (£791m) in a funding round believed to value the firm at over $40bn, more than tech giants Twitter, Netflix or LinkedIn. More From Our Partners Colin Kaepernick to publish book on abolishing the policethegrio.comBrave 7-Year-old Boy Swims an Hour to Rescue His Dad and Little Sistergoodnewsnetwork.orgFort Bragg soldier accused of killing another servicewoman over exthegrio.comRussell Wilson, AOC among many voicing support for Naomi Osakacbsnews.comLA news reporter doesn’t seem to recognize actor Mark Currythegrio.comAstounding Fossil Discovery in California After Man Looks Closelygoodnewsnetwork.orgFans call out hypocrisy as Tebow returns to NFL while Kaepernick is still outthegrio.comPolice Capture Elusive Tiger Poacher After 20 Years of Pursuing the Huntergoodnewsnetwork.orgNative American Tribe Gets Back Sacred Island Taken 160 Years Agogoodnewsnetwork.orgcenter_img Tags: Uber Ad Unmute by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeMaternity WeekA Letter From The Devil Written By A Possessed Nun In 1676 Has Been TranslatedMaternity WeekUndoMoneyPailShe Was A Star, Now She Works In ScottsdaleMoneyPailUndoElite HeraldExperts Discover Girl Born From Two Different SpeciesElite HeraldUndoGive It LoveRemember These Rare Sisters? See Them NowGive It LoveUndozenherald.comMeghan Markle Changed This Major Detail On Archies Birth Certificatezenherald.comUndoEquity MirrorThey Drained Niagara Falls — They Weren’t Prepared For This Sickening DiscoveryEquity MirrorUndoNoteableyKirstie Alley Is So Skinny Now And Looks Like A BarbieNoteableyUndoBeverly Hills MDPlastic Surgeon Explains: “Doing This Every Morning Can Snap Back Sagging Skin” (No Creams Needed)Beverly Hills MDUndoVikings: Free Online GameIf you’re over 50 – this game is a must!Vikings: Free Online GameUndo whatsapp whatsapp Sharelast_img read more

Neil Kinnock doubts Labour can win a majority and fears shy Tory voters

first_img Neil Kinnock doubts Labour can win a majority and fears shy Tory voters Show Comments ▼ Jeff Misenti Tuesday 5 May 2015 11:05 am by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeMoneyPailShe Was A Star, Now She Works In ScottsdaleMoneyPailzenherald.comMeghan Markle Changed This Major Detail On Archies Birth Certificatezenherald.comMaternity WeekA Letter From The Devil Written By A Possessed Nun In 1676 Has Been TranslatedMaternity WeekPost FunKate & Meghan Are Very Different Mothers, These Photos Prove ItPost FunComedyAbandoned Submarines Floating Around the WorldComedyGameday NewsNBA Wife Turns Heads Wherever She GoesGameday NewsEquity MirrorThey Drained Niagara Falls — They Weren’t Prepared For This Sickening DiscoveryEquity MirrorOpulent ExpressHer Quadruplets Were Born Without A Hitch. Then Doctors Realized SomethingOpulent ExpressBridesBlushThis Is Why The Royal Family Kept Quiet About Prince Harry’s Sister BridesBlush whatsapp Share whatsapp Former Labour leader Lord Kinnock doubts Ed Miliband can win a majority and believes Labour will have to reach out across party lines to get its agenda through.In an interview with the New Statesman, the man who was soundly beaten by both Conservative leaders Margaret Thatcher and John Major said: I think the most likely result is that Ed becomes prime minister and that he follows a fairly conventional course in the House of Commons.You gather majorities for specific issues, whether they are big statutory requirements, like the Queen’s Speech or the Budget – in some senses they are the easiest things to get majorities for – or amendments on bills.Kinnock’s remarks suggest Ed Miliband will head a minority government and not enter into a formal coalition with one of the other the parties.”I don’t think there are many other options [to minority government] that are realistic or desirable. Patently, [there can be] no coalition or concession to the Nats; and any arrangement with the Liberals would have to be on Labour terms,” he added.The failure of Labour’s 1992 campaign when Kinnock was ahead of the Tories in the polls right up until election night still haunts the Labour die hard. Kinnock says Labour has run a strong campaign ahead of Thursday’s election, as he did himself in 1992, but it still ended in failure.The Labour peer fears there is still a danger to the party with so-called shy Tory voters who may swing to David Cameron on election day itself. But he hastens to add he doesn’t think the shy Tory vote will be as big a factor in 2015 as it was in 1992.[custom id=”1″] Tags: General Election 2015last_img read more

It turns out 11.17am on Monday is the most miserable time of the week

first_img In fact, the survey, by broadband provider Plusnet, found we’re generally in a worse mood in the mornings, with less than a quarter of workers saying they feel happiest before midday. Once the sun is over the yardarm, though, workers tend to feel happier: the cheeriest time of day is 2.35pm, the survey suggested (no reason as to why: food coma? Boozy lunch? Difficult to say).But the research, of 2,000 people, also found Britons are an easy bunch to cheer up: 42 per cent said “stumbling across a bargain” was enough to salvage a bad day, while 40 per cent cited a “spontaneous hug” and 36 per cent said a car stopping to let them cross the road made them happier.”We think it’s the big things – the dream house, expensive holiday or flashy car – that makes us happy,” said psychologist Jo Hemmings.”But the secret is so much simpler. Holding open a door or saying ‘good morning’ can make a real difference to someone’s day; and the good news is that it will make you feel better too.” Although we’d add that it depends on the person’s response…  Even those of us who tend to head to work with a spring in our steps can’t deny that on occasion, getting out of bed on a Monday morning can be tough.But it turns out that 7am alarm isn’t the worst time of the week: according to the new survey, that accolade belongs to 11.17am on a Monday, which has officially been designated “the time of the week we feel most unhappy”. Emma Haslett Show Comments ▼ It turns out 11.17am on Monday is the most miserable time of the week by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeMoneyPailShe Was A Star, Now She Works In ScottsdaleMoneyPailPost FunKate & Meghan Are Very Different Mothers, These Photos Prove ItPost FunSwift VerdictChrissy Metz, 39, Shows Off Massive Weight Loss In Fierce New PhotoSwift VerdictComedyAbandoned Submarines Floating Around the WorldComedyMaternity WeekA Letter From The Devil Written By A Possessed Nun In 1676 Has Been TranslatedMaternity Weekzenherald.comMeghan Markle Changed This Major Detail On Archies Birth Certificatezenherald.comGameday NewsNBA Wife Turns Heads Wherever She GoesGameday NewsBridesBlushThis Is Why The Royal Family Kept Quiet About Prince Harry’s Sister BridesBlushEquity MirrorThey Drained Niagara Falls — They Weren’t Prepared For This Sickening DiscoveryEquity Mirrorcenter_img Share whatsapp whatsapp Monday 12 October 2015 9:32 am More From Our Partners Man on bail for murder arrested after pet tiger escapes Houston homethegrio.comAstounding Fossil Discovery in California After Man Looks Closelygoodnewsnetwork.orgWhite House Again Downplays Fourth Possible Coronvirus Checkvaluewalk.comRussell Wilson, AOC among many voicing support for Naomi Osakacbsnews.comColin Kaepernick to publish book on abolishing the policethegrio.comNative American Tribe Gets Back Sacred Island Taken 160 Years Agogoodnewsnetwork.orgFans call out hypocrisy as Tebow returns to NFL while Kaepernick is still outthegrio.comBrave 7-Year-old Boy Swims an Hour to Rescue His Dad and Little Sistergoodnewsnetwork.orgPolice Capture Elusive Tiger Poacher After 20 Years of Pursuing the Huntergoodnewsnetwork.orglast_img read more

CVS long-term care pharmacy pays $15 million penalty for failing to track opioids

first_img What is it? Pharmalot CVS long-term care pharmacy pays $15 million penalty for failing to track opioids STAT+ is STAT’s premium subscription service for in-depth biotech, pharma, policy, and life science coverage and analysis. Our award-winning team covers news on Wall Street, policy developments in Washington, early science breakthroughs and clinical trial results, and health care disruption in Silicon Valley and beyond. GET STARTED Unlock this article — plus daily coverage and analysis of the pharma industry — by subscribing to STAT+. First 30 days free. GET STARTED What’s included? [email protected] Omnicare, which is the largest long-term care pharmacy in the U.S., agreed to pay a $15.3 million penalty for allegedly allowing opioids and other controlled substances to be dispensed without valid prescriptions.The CVS Health (CVS) unit failed to track limited stockpiles of the medicines that were stored in so-called emergency kits, which are supposed to be dispensed by long-term care facilities on an emergency basis, but only with valid prescriptions, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Omnicare also repeatedly failed to document and report emergency prescriptions. @Pharmalot center_img By Ed Silverman May 13, 2020 Reprints About the Author Reprints Log In | Learn More SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images Pharmalot Columnist, Senior Writer Ed covers the pharmaceutical industry. Daily reporting and analysis The most comprehensive industry coverage from a powerhouse team of reporters Subscriber-only newsletters Daily newsletters to brief you on the most important industry news of the day STAT+ Conversations Weekly opportunities to engage with our reporters and leading industry experts in live video conversations Exclusive industry events Premium access to subscriber-only networking events around the country The best reporters in the industry The most trusted and well-connected newsroom in the health care industry And much more Exclusive interviews with industry leaders, profiles, and premium tools, like our CRISPR Trackr. Ed Silverman Tags opioidsSTAT+last_img read more

Deaths in Laois – Wednesday, September 26, 2018

first_img New Arles road opens but disquiet over who was invited to official opening Peacefully at St James’s Hospital Dublin. Deeply regretted by his loving brother Johnny, sisters Vera (Moran) and Ann (Timpson), brothers-in-law Willie and Noel, sister-in-law Rose, nephew Terry, relatives, neighbours and friends. Rest In Peace. Reposing at his residence on Sunday from 3pm with Rosary at 9pm. Removal on Monday arriving Church of the Sacret Heart Stadbally for Requiem Mass at 11am. Funeral afterwards to Moyanna Cemetery. House Private On Monday Morning Please.SEE ALSO – Death in Laois – Tuesday, September 25, 2018 Home Deaths Deaths in Laois – Wednesday, September 26, 2018 Deaths Pinterest Below are the recent deaths in Laois.Ar Dheis De go raibh a anam.Shin (Jane) DONNELLY (née O’Connor)Fisherstown Bridge, Ballybrittas, LaoisPeacefully surrounded by her loving family at the Regional Hospital Portlaoise. Rest In Peace.Bedelia KILBRIDE (née Gorman)Tomaclavin, Stradbally, LaoisPeacefully, in the loving care of the staff and management of Droimnin Nursing Home, Stradbally. Wife of the late Jim. Deeply regretted by her sons James and Joe, daughters Mary and Deirdre, brothers P.J. and Seán, sons-in-law Liam and Paul, daughter-in-law Olive, sister-in-law, grand-children, nieces, nephews, relatives and friends.Reposing at her residence (Eir Code R32 F8KO) from 2pm today, Tuesday with Rosary at 8pm. Removal at 7.15pm on Wednesday evening to arrive at The Church of the Holy Rosary, Luggacurren for 7.30pm. Requiem Mass on Thursday morning at 11am. Burial afterwards in St. Joseph’s Cemetery.Jimmy LalorRossleighan, Portlaoise, LaoisLalor, Rossleighan, Portlaoise, Sept. 22nd 2018, peacefully, surrounded by his loving family, in the tender care of the staff of St Vincent’s Hospital, Mountmellick. Jimmy, beloved husband of Bernie and dearly loved dad to Carmel and Aileen. Loving grandfather to Ciara, Jamie, Liam and Sarah. Deeply regretted by his loving family, brothers Tom, Joe, Eamonn and Donie, sisters Claire and Margaret. Son in law Eamonn Houlihan. Brothers- in-law, sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces, relatives, neighbours and friends. Reposing at Keegans Funeral Home from 6.30pm on Monday, with rosary at 8pm. Removal on Tuesday morning to arrive at SS Peter and Paul’s Church for 10am requiem Mass. Interment afterwards in SS Peter and Paul’s Cemetery, Portlaoise. Family flowers only. Donations, if desired, to charity.Margaret (Peg) ClearyGarryduff, Errill, LaoisCleary, Garryduff, Errill, Co. Laois. 21st September 2018. Peacefully at Patterson’s nursing home, Roscrea. Margaret (Peg) sadly mourned by her sisters Mary, Liz and Bridie, brothers Paddy and Seamus, nephews, nieces, relatives and friends. Reposing at O’Sullivan’s Funeral Home, Rathdowney this Saturday evening from 5pm with rosary at 7pm. Funeral mass on Monday in Killasmeestia Church at 11am followed by burial in the adjoining cemetery.Michael Mulhare16 Brockley Park, Stradbally, LaoisMichael Mulhare, 16 Brockley Park, Stradbally, Co. Laois. Peacefully, at The Midlands Regional Hospital, Portlaoise, on 21st September 2018, surrounded by his devoted wife and family. Beloved son of the late Micheal and Kathleen Mulhare, Main St, Stradbally. Sadly missed and lovingly remembered by his loving wife Deirdre, daughters, Niamh, Aoife, Colette and Michaela, sisters, brothers, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, sons-in-law, his adored grandchildren, nieces, nephews, extended family, neighbours and his many friends. Reposing at his home from 7pm this Saturday evening with recital of The Rosary at 9pm. Removal on Sunday evening to The Sacred Heart Church, Stradbally, for 7.30pm funeral prayers. Requiem Mass on Monday at 2pm, followed by interment in Oakvale Cemetery, Stradbally.Tommy Rowe4 The Mill Chapel Lane, Stradbally, Laois Pinterest RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Facebook Five Laois monuments to receive almost €200,000 in government funding Council Twitter WhatsAppcenter_img Charlie Flanagan on Electric Picnic: ‘I’d ask organisers to consult with community leaders’ Deaths in Laois – Wednesday, September 26, 2018 Previous articleAll of this week’s golf resultsNext articleInternationally acclaimed movie filmed in Laois set for homecoming LaoisToday Reporter TAGSDeaths in Laois Twitter Community WhatsApp Facebook Community By LaoisToday Reporter – 26th September 2018 last_img read more

Multiple midweek promotions as Killeshin Hotel thrilled to be open for business again

first_img Twitter Home Sponsored Multiple midweek promotions as Killeshin Hotel thrilled to be open for business… Sponsored Previous articleDunne hat-trick not enough as Sarsfields reach semi finalsNext articleDeaths in Laois – Thursday, September 3, 2020 LaoisToday Reporter News Twitter RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WhatsApp The Killeshin Hotel & Leisure Club is delighted to be open again following the latest local lockdown. To celebrate this we are launching two new specials in our Cedar Bar.We want to put the fun back into casual dining so we are offering our guests multiple choices with our midweek promotions.  Burger Tuesday and Chicken & Rib Thursdays. Our aim is to put the fun back into casual dining.On Tuesdays you can enjoy our renowned  8oz Killeshin Burger and on Thursdays enjoy our Chicken and Rib specials.Enjoy with a cold pint, a chilled glass of house wine or a soft drink of your choice for just €18.95Bookings are required and to book call 057 8631200 or email [email protected] information can be found on our website are open 7 days a week in the Cedar Bar for lunch and dinner and Our Cedar Restaurant is open on Friday and Saturday nights and of course for our famous Sunday Lunch specials.Our staff have all been fully trained on all Covid Safety measures and we have been inspected by Failte Ireland and received our Covid Safety Charter certification when we opened in late June. To find our more about our safety mesures in place go to updated guidelines we kindly request all guests to wear a mask in the public areas of the hotel until they are seated at their table.SEE ALSO – Check out the dedication property section on LaoisToday Pinterest TAGSKilleshin Hotel Electric Picnic Bizarre situation as Ben Brennan breaks up Fianna Fáil-Fine Gael arrangement to take Graiguecullen-Portarlington vice-chair role Facebook By LaoisToday Reporter – 3rd September 2020 WhatsApp Laois Councillor ‘amazed’ at Electric Picnic decision to apply for later date for 2021 festival Facebook Electric Picnic Multiple midweek promotions as Killeshin Hotel thrilled to be open for business again Pinterest Electric Picnic organisers release statement following confirmation of new festival datelast_img read more

Coronavirus: Eight further deaths and 4,929 new cases – 63 of them in Laois – as ‘glimmer of hope’ that figures are declining

first_img Electric Picnic apply to Laois County Council for new date for this year’s festival Coronavirus: Eight further deaths and 4,929 new cases – 63 of them in Laois – as ‘glimmer of hope’ that figures are declining Deputy CMO Dr Ronan Glynn There have been a further eight Coronavirus-related deaths and 4,929 new cases, according to figures released by the health authorities today.63 of the new cases are in Laois, meaning the county’s 14-day incidence rate goes to 911.5, up from 843 yesterday. The national 14-day rate now stands at 1,379.There are now 772 confirmed active cases in the county, again a record high.Of the cases notified today:2,250 are men / 2,641 are women59% are under 45 years of ageThe median age is 39 years old1,513 in Dublin, 695 in Cork, 320 in Limerick, 305 in Wexford, 225 in Galway and the remaining 1,871 cases are spread across all other counties.As of 2pm today, 1,582 COVID-19 patients are hospitalised, of which 146 are in ICU. 156 additional hospitalisations in the past 24 hours.Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health said: “While we are seeing the first glimmer of hope in respect of our daily case figures and positivity rates, the situation in hospitals and ICUs around the country continues to worsen day on day. We know that hospitalisations occur some weeks after a confirmed case is notified, and mortality after that again.“That means we are unfortunately set for a period of time where the situation in our hospitals gets worse before it gets better.“The best way forward now is for all of us to stay at home. Staying at home and cutting your contacts right down to only those in your immediate household is the one vital way we will protect our healthcare system as it struggles with the burdens brought on by this surge in COVID-19 infections.” By Alan Hartnett – 11th January 2021 WhatsApp Home News Coronavirus: Eight further deaths and 4,929 new cases – 63 of them… News Pinterest Twitter Electric Picnic RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Pinterest Dr Michael Power, HSE Clinical Lead for Intensive Care, said: “Over the past weeks, we have seen a swift and sharp spike in admissions into critical care units across the country. As of this morning, we have 146 people sadly in ICU. This is nearing the springtime peak of 155 people in critical care.“The potential long-term impacts on these patients’ health is stark and significant. ICUs are not where we want anyone to be. They are our very last line of defence against COVID-19. The best way we can protect our ICU capacity and those that work in them is to stay at home.”Professor Philip Nolan, Chair of the NPHET Irish Epidemiological Modelling Advisory Group said: “The alarming level of disease is unprecedented in terms of our experience of the levels of COVID-19 in the community. We are seeing numbers of cases per day, and numbers in hospital, that we just could not have comprehended prior to Christmas.“The tools to address this accelerated growth rate are in our hands and we know from experience how we can significantly suppress transmission of the virus.“We are beginning to see the first signs of the impact of the latest public health measures, with test positivity falling and case numbers starting to stabilise, but this will only continue if every one of us is committed to following the public health advice to stay at home and work from home as much as possible. This is vital in order to make significant headway over the next 7 days and to reduce the pressure on our health services and healthcare colleagues”.Dr Cillian De Gascun, Medical Virologist and Director of the National Virus Reference Laboratory said: “Further testing of COVID-19 samples indicates that the UK variant continues to account for an increasing number of cases– more than 40% of the positive cases tested in the last 7 days can be traced back to this variant. The greater risk of infection posed by this new variant increases the risk of transmission of the disease in the community.“Now, more than ever, there is an urgent need for vigilance in our individual response to the disease, which is spread through close proximity to others. This virus cannot spread when households do not mix together, when social gatherings do not occur and when people stay at home for all but essential reasons.”Professor Karina Butler, Chair of the National Immunisation Advisory Committee said: “The roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine programme is underway. The recent authorisation of the 2nd COVID-19 vaccine for Europe, Moderna, and the latest news on the Astra Zeneca approval process gives us cause for hope for rapid community vaccination against COVID-19 in coming months.“Every time we wash our hands, wear a face covering and keep a two metre distance from others, we are protecting the most vulnerable in our society and our frontline healthcare workers and giving all of us much needed additional time for more vaccines to be administered.”New Cases in LaoisJanuary 10 – 63January 9 – 105January 8 – 6January 7 – 55January 6 – 82January 5 – 107January 4 – 12January 3 – 80January 2 – 40January 1 – 104December 31 – 12December 30 – 50December 29 – 23December 28 – 38December 27 – 5December 26 – 214-day case rate in Laois per 100,000 populationJanuary 10 – 911.5January 9 – 843January 8 – 722.6January 7 – 742.6January 6 – 689.5January 5 – 606.9January 4 – 493.5January 3 – 494.7January 2 – 406.2January 1 – 381.4December 31 – 271.6December 30 – 269.2December 29 – 237.3December 28 – 225.6December 27 – 186.5December 26 – 190.6New cases in Laois during past 14 daysJanuary 10 – 772January 9 – 714January 8 – 612January 7 – 629January 6 – 584January 5 – 514January 4 – 418January 3 – 419January 2 – 344January 1 – 323December 31 – 230December 30 – 228December 29 – 201December 28 – 191December 27 – 158December 26 – 161Ireland has highest Covid-19 rate in the worldIreland now has the highest daily number of new confirmed Covid-19 cases in the world for every million people, according to figures published by the Our World in Data organisation.Ireland’s seven day rolling average is 1,394 cases per million – ahead of the UK on 810, Portugal on 735 and the USA on 653.The research website is linked to Oxford University.SEE ALSO – LaoisToday Podcast: John Mulholland on Covid, council challenges, economic development and his dream projectcenter_img TAGSCoronavirusCovid-19 Electric Picnic Previous articleHospitalisations reach new record as frustrations over vaccination programme surfaceNext articleMoment in Time: A visit to Castletown NS in 2001 Alan HartnettStradbally native Alan Hartnett is a graduate of Knockbeg College who has worked in the local and national media since 2008. 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