Lets Collaborate & not Compete

first_imgGood Sunday Funday Morning.Let’s collaborate & not compete.For the last few days, I have been disconcerting a lot of my readers by sharing a lot of my certificates & attainments obtained by me. I am sorry & apologetic in case I have disturbed anyone in this regards.The question arises why we human beings share our achievements & successes with others.Let’s reckon about this a bit. It’s based on a principle called the counterfactual thinking process.Have we noticed that a bronze medalist is generally happier than a silver medalist at the end of the game?It’s not an incidental finding but a substantiated fact in many research studies after studying reactions of silver medalists vs bronze medalists!Ideally, the silver medalist should have been happier than the bronze winner. But our human mind doesn’t work like mathematics.This happens because of the happening of counterfactual thinking process in our brains.This is a theory in psychology in which there is a human tendency to create possible recourses to life events that have already happened, that would be contrary to what happened.Silver medalist thinks oh I couldn’t win the gold medal.Bronze medalist thinks at least I got a medal.The silver medalist is upset about losing the gold medal. But the bronze medal winner is rejoiced after winning. Same situation two different feelings.This happens daily in our life as well, we don’t appreciate what we have but feel sad about what we don’t have or accomplished in our life.We might be thrilled over a 5% raise at work until we learn that our colleague down the other department had earned a 10% raise.Why this competition & rivalry between two people.In any race, competition, tasks, rivalry let’s not compete but collaborate for our joint successes. Life would be easier.Let’s be grateful for our blessings, they far surpass our problems only if we start counting our divine blessings bestowed on us.Let’s not indulge in the personal what, If, compete, race, etc.Let’s be contented and stay blessed forever with what God almighty had entrusted us.To end I surmise with a small verse.क्यों इससे बेहतर? क्यों उससे बेहतर? कब तक बनेगा. किस किससे बेहतर?. तेरी मिसाल, तू खुद है.बना ले खुद को, तू खुद से बेहतर।last_img read more