Eat to the Beat Concert Series Artists for 2017

first_imgDo keep in mind that artists are subject to change.Eat to the Beat concerts take place in the America Gardens Theatre at 5:30 p.m., 6:45 p.m., and 8:00 p.m. The show is included in your theme park admission.I have to say that these Eat to the Beat concerts are always a lot of fun, and you can tell the performers are excited to be on stage performing at Walt Disney World. Which artist are you most excited to see? Share This!©Rikki NiblettWith this year’s Epcot Food and Wine Festival taking place even earlier than ever before (the event kicks off August 31 and lasts through November 13), we are that much closer to the event. I mean it’s literally happening in almost two months time, so it will be here before we know it!Today, we have the information for who will be performing at this year’s Eat to the Beat Concert Series. During this concert series, bands and solo artists perform some of their most popular songs nightly. Oh and since there’s more days of the festival than ever before, that means there are more new performers too! This year, there will be 11 new performers to the Eat to the Beat series  including Jazz Legend Kenny G, and pop superstars like 10,000 Maniacs and Squeeze.Of course, there will be some familiar faces at this year’s festival too. Artists like Taylor Dane, Tiffany, STARSHIP, Sugar Ray, Boyz II Men, and my personal favorite, Hanson will all return. (I’m going to miss Hanson AGAIN!!! ARGH!)This year’s schedule is as follows:8/31 – 9/1 – Delta Rae (“Bottom of the River”)9/2 – 9/3 – The Hooters (“And We Danced”) NEW!9/4 – 9/5 – Baha Men (“Who Let the Dogs Out”) NEW!9/6 – 9/7 – Fuel (“Shimmer”)9/8 -9/10 – STARSHIP starring Mickey Thomas (“We Built This City”)9/11 – 9/12 – Lauren Alaina (“Road Less Traveled”) NEW!9/13 – 9/15 – Plain White T’s (“Hey There Delilah”)9/16 – 9/17 – Sister Hazel (“All For You”)9/18 – 9/20- Air Supply (“All Out Of Love”)9/21 – 9/22 – David Cook (“Light On”)9/23 – 9/24 – Everclear (“Santa Monica”)9/25 – 9/27 – Sugar Ray (“Every Morning)9/28 – 9/29 – .38 Special (“Hold On Loosely”)9/30 – 10/1 – Mark Wills (“19 Somethin’”) NEW!10/2 – 10/3 – American Authors (“Best Day of My Life”) NEW!10/4 – 10/5 – Christopher Cross (“Sailing”)10/6 – 10/8 – Devon Allman (“Rugged ad Dirty”) NEW!10/9 – 10/11 – Dennis DeYoung: The music of STYX (“Come Sail Away”)10/12 – 10/13 – Taylor Dayne (“Tell It To My Heart”)10/14 – 10/15 – Jeffrey Osborne (“On The Wings of Love”)10/16 – 10/17 – Postmodern Jukebox (Various Hits) NEW!10/18 – 10/20 – 10,000 Maniacs (“Because the Night”) NEW!10/21 – 10/22 – Toad The Wet Sprocket (“Walk on the Ocean”)10/23 – 10/24 – Kenny G (“Songbird”) NEW!10/25 – 10/26 – Billy Ocean (“Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car”)10/27 – 10/29 – Tiffany (“I Think We’re Alone Now”)10/30 – 11/1 – Hanson (“MMMBop”)11/2 – 11/3 – Blue October (“Into The Ocean”) NEW!11/4 – 11/5 – Living Colour (“Cult of Personality”)11/6 – 11/8 – Boyz II Men (“End of the Road”)11/9 – 11/11 – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (“Go Daddy-O”)11/12 – 11/13 – Squeeze (“Tempted”) NEW!last_img read more

Which SCS Service setting to go for – script or from DB? Everything you ever wanted to know…

first_imgIf you are using Intel SCS 5.x, after you’ve installed it you will need to decide whether you want to configure the scs service to either get configuration parameters from a script or from the DB. This seemingly innocuous decision has some technical implications, so here’s the background..Choice A – get configuration parameters from the DBLet us first define what are the configuration parameters – they are the fields of a vPro system – such as: FQDN, AD OU, Profile – the important ones that are required for completing provisioning – and the remaining informative attributes, such as AMT firmware version etc. Therefore the configuration parameters that are necessary to have are FQDN (or hostname) AD OU path (if you are integrating with Active Directory) and the SCS provisioning profile being assigned to the vPro system. Where will the information for these 3 fields come from?The wording of this option might be slightly misleading as you might (wrongfully) assume that the configuration parameters to get your vPro systems provisioned smoothly are sitting and waiting in the DB for you and will provide you an extra smooth provisioning experience over above the other method (using a script). This is however not the case; the configuration parameters are empty to begin with and only after going through a (successful or unsuccessful) provisioning process for each vPro machine, it will in turn have these configuration parameters populated in the DB, so that subsequent provisioning attempts will in fact be able to rely on these now populated configuration parameters in the DB.Let us consider the flow of events…A vPro system needs to initiate the provisioning process and let the SCS know about its existence – this is commonly known as the ‘hello packet’. The hello packet contains a UUID (unique identifier), certificate hash or PID, MAC Address and ip address. Purely technically speaking, this will manifest itself by a new entry appearing in the AMTS table in the SCS DB. At that point you are missing the FQDN, AD OU path and profile ID. Once a new entry makes it into the AMTS table, it will also appear in the SCS Console as an unconfigured system with the UUID field populated, but the rest being blank.You now have an option to manually double click on the row in the SCS Console and enter these 3 fields. Once you’ve done that, the information will now be sitting also in the UUID_MAPS table which is also know as the configuration parameters. This is typically not a scalable method and therefore the current BKM is to rely on a client side utility to send more than just the UUID, pre-provisioning information (cert hash or PID) and IP address, but also the FQDN, AD OU path and a profile ID.The utility that has been designed to do this is the Activator utility which comes bundled when you download the SCS application (this blog posting won’t go into the details of how to use the Activator Utility and what options you have and will assume you have an understanding of how to do this). Therefore instead of manually (and quite error prone) populating the fields, you can now have a utility that effectively pushes all the information required for provisioning into the UUID_MAPS table as well.Another last option is to create a list mapping UUIDs and pre-assigning them FQDNs and uploading it into the UUID_MAPS table. This is more difficult as it relies on the OEM providing you with an accurate list of all the UUIDs prior to receiving the systems. This is technically feasible but logistically more difficult and as such is a rarer implementation.Choice B – get configuration parameters from the scriptThis method might be less popular, as it is a bit more complex and should be used only when the circumstances necessesitate it. The script would typically be a VBscript for which a sample script is provided when you install the SCS service. What the server script does in essence is set the AD OU path and profile ID. The FQDN still needs to be provided by the vPro machine itself and for that it will rely on either the activator utility (as mentioned above) or client side vbscript – either of which will typically rely on a WMI query.Purely technically speaking, the script takes the different parameters available to it and constructs an XML file (map.xml) that is formulated in a manner that is recognised and can be consumed by the SCS application. If there aren’t enough permissions for the script to run locally, any necessary parameters are missing, or if the XML is not formulated properly then the SCS will complain about a missing XML file.Using the server side script provides you the flexibitliy of making changes to the AD OU path and profile ID further down the line as opposed to the client side only method, which would have required you to pre-package the parameters to invoke the client utility and any changes would involve deploying a new package to all machines.The server side script also allows you to overcome any permissions related issues and security concerns, as the client side only method typically requires administrator priveleges and involves letting each client right into the main DB (which for some security experts is an opportunity for malicious behaviour). Therefore a 2-tiered approach is possible where the client side (script or activator) send information into an interim DB and the server script reads the information from the interim DB. The trigger for the server script to run, is for a new entry to appear in the AMTS table but not have an entry in the UUID_MAPS table – i.e. a hello packet has arrived and there are no present configuration parameters.Finally, the server script is essential if any further manipulations are required in order to accommodate a particular environment. Such is the case when the FQDN queried on the vPro client has a domain suffix of an Active Directory domain, but there is a separate non-AD integrated network domain and any queries to DNS will return the network domain FQDN. This requires provisioning the vPro system with the network domain, which could either be hard coded as a constant (like the AD OU path and profile ID) if there is only one, or it will need to be dynamic and poll DNS (though something like nslookup on IP address) to replace the AD FQDN with a network FQDN. Provisioning will succeed regardless, but the problem will be later on when trying to manage the vPro machine if you will be using AD integration and therefore will need to conform to the Kerberos protocol.A situation can arise where you have configured SCS to use the script, however the the configuration parameters have already been populated due to a previous provisioning attempt – be it fully successful or not, since the parameters are in the DB already, the trigger for the server script to run will be missing and therefore it won’t execute again. This scenario is typically come across in testing when the same machine is re-used. There are some ‘real-world’ scenarios such as machine has broken, is re-imaged and fixed by IT department, the client side provisioniong components (activator) kick-in on startup (typically) but the configuration parameters are already in the SCS DB and therefore the script will not run and provisioning won’t succeed. Unfortunately SCS does not automatically remove the configuration parameters for machines that are partially or even fully unprovisioned. It can only be done manually when a system is deleted from the SCS Console and the ‘delete configuration parameters’ must explicitly be selected.This turned out to be a longer posting than originally intended… but if you’ve made this far, hopefully you’ve picked up a few useful nuggets of information…Tallast_img read more

This day in history Scotland Goes To Poll

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTODAY Scotland goes to the polls to vote on whether or not they want to maintain a 307 year old union with the United Kingdom or go independent. The electorate made up of 4.3million people get to decide in a race that is tight but showing more people want to stay with the UK. A USA Today poll up to broadcast time said 47% would vote Yes to independence with 53% voting no. Supporters want direct control over their affairs obviously, saying an independent Scotland would be among the top 20 richest nations in the world. Those wanting to stay in the UK family believe they would continue to have more jobs, stronger financial services and continued use of the British pound along with the clout of being British. A sensational 97% of those eligible to vote have registered; voting age begins at 16 in Scotland. Polls are open from 7am to 10pm. Related Items:independence, scotland, UK Governor says voters need to decide on Independence Thousands of Haitian mark Flag Day differently in TCI for 2016 SANDALS RESORTS FIRST HIGH STREET STORE OPENSlast_img read more

Commonwealth Law Ministers – Group Photo

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, October 19, 2017 – Nassau – Under the theme ‘Strengthening The Rule of Law Through Technology’, the Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting 2017 (CLMM) takes place at Baha Mar, comprising Attorneys General, Law Ministers, and Delegates from the Commonwealth of Nations, October 16-19, 2017 at Baha Mar’s Convention Center.The group photo was taken at the Official Opening Ceremony on Monday, addressed by the Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Hubert Minnis and the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Senator the Hon. Carl Bethel.(BIS Photo/Derek Smith) Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Messi to hold more talks over Argentina return says Scaloni

first_imgArgentina coach Lionel Scaloni say he  will hold further talks with Lionel Messi over his return to international action.Messi has not featured for Argentina since they were eliminated by Kylian Mbappe inspired France in the last 16 of the 2018 FIFA world cup.The Barcelona playmaker has also given no indication over whether he will play international football again, with Argentina beginning preparations for next year’s Copa America.Argentina Coach Scaloni who replaced Sampaoli’s says he is planning  to hold further talks with the talismanic forward after they met when the Copa Libertadores final second leg was played in Madrid in December.“I do not talk very often with Messi, but we have a relationship,” Scaloni told FourFourTwo on Friday.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.“We are going to try for him to join us in 2019, we have pending talks and we are optimistic that it will be positive.“For us it is something important. Any coach would like to coach him, myself more than any.”Speaking last month, Messi’s Argentina team-mate Mauro Icardi said he hopes the Barcelona star can be persuaded to return to the fold.“He’s the best player in the world and we all hope he comes back with us, especially with the Copa America coming up,” Icardi told TyC Sports after a friendly win against Mexico.last_img read more