Guinard Energies checks French Guiana’s tidal resources

first_imgFrench start-up, Guinard Energies, has completed an on-site assessment of French Guiana’s tidal resources using its Poseide technology.The assessment was done with Poseide device, short for Positive energy investigation device, around the Salvation Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean.The device, consisting of 3.5KW, 50 cm ducted turbine, was fitted with current meter and acquisition unit.It measured in real time the current velocity and actual hydrokinetic power that can be converted to electricity, Guinard Energies informed.Vincent Mariette, CEO of Guinard Energies, said: “To estimate the actual power resources, the knowledge of the current speed is not enough, because the effects of turbulence are not taken into account in this calculation. Hence, we offer a specific in-situ measurement service to assess the hydrokinetic resources in a specific site.”The device was developed in an effort to tackle the discrepancy observed between predicted and the actual extractable power from tides, the company noted.Guinard Energies is a Brest-based company focused on developing technology solutions for marine renewable energy sector.last_img read more