Sonys windup USB charger offers 1 minute call per 3 minute wind

first_imgEver since the earthquake in Japan last year and subsequent nuclear plant meltdown, power has been at a premium in the region. That, combined with how popular power-hungry portable gadgets such as smartphones and the 3DS is, has led manufacturers to come up with some alternative charging solutions. The latest such solution comes from Sony, and it takes the form of a wind-up USB charger.The charger has the instantly forgettable name of CP-A2LAPKS and allows you to connect up to two devices via USB at the same time. A hand crank can then be used to supply a small trickle of juice to a battery, and it is small. The charger is capable of providing around 1 minute of talk time for every 3 minutes of winding, or 1 minute of web access per 5 minutes of winding.That may seem like a waste of time, but then this isn’t meant as a regular charging solution. The CP-A2LAPKS is for emergencies when no other power supply is available and you really need to make a call.As it is USB you can charge a large range of devices. So if you have one of Sony’s Cycle Energy rechargeable battery units you could spend a few minutes juicing it up every day as a mini-workout at the same time as ensuring you have a lot of energy stored up for those emergency situations.The Sony CP-A2LAPKS will be released on June 20 in Japan with the price expected to be around $100. That’s very expensive if it is just a wind-up charger. However, if it ships with a Sony Cycle Energy battery too (as the promotional images suggest), it looks a bit more reasonable.via Akihabaranewslast_img read more