Vendors were duped

first_imgDear Editor,I am surprised and disappointed to see pavement and itinerant vendors in Georgetown who I know to be bright and clever people, being continuously fooled by Royston King and the City Council.By now they should realise that the General and Regional Elections and, more recently, the Local Government Elections (LGE) are over and their utility has expired, at least for another three years until the next LGE when they will be made all sorts of promises for their votes.Instead of King telling these vendors simple and straight that their time is up, and that they will be removed, he comes up with tricks of promising them relocation to open spaces that the Council does not own nor control.He uses the ploy of cleaning for the Jubilee to dupe them into helping to break down their own stands and will ensure that they do not return in order to realise his dream of beautifying Georgetown.These single parents, these young people without jobs who are vendors need to wake up and smell the coffee.Sincerely,Jermain Johnsonlast_img read more