Jurgen Klopp highlights the quality his players must show to be ‘successful’

first_img1 Klopp believes his side can be ‘successful’ this season Jurgen Klopp believes his Liverpool side can be ‘successful’ if they produce the same work ethic they displayed in thrashing Porto 5-0 on Wednesday night.The Reds swept the Portuguese champions aside with consummate ease at the Estadio do Dragao in the first leg of the round-of-16 Champions League tie.Sadio Mane scored a terrific hat-trick with Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino also scoring for the visitors.However, it was the defensive work on display which pleased Klopp the most and gives him confidence for the remainder of the season.He said: “We scored the goals and they didn’t score, I think we had much more chances in the first half because we defended well.“My moment of the first half, and I told the boys this in the dressing room, was when Mo [Salah] came from behind and had this counter-pressing situation and win the ball back.“That’s what we needed tonight.“Only if we work like that, we can be successful.”Klopp will take his troops on a warm-weather training camp to Marbella owing to their absence from this weekend’s round of FA Cup fixtures.The face West Ham at home in the Premier League on Saturday week as they continue their pursuit of Champions League football for next season.last_img read more

6 Reasons Why Your Managers Are Failing

first_imgI’m gonna cut to the chase.I’ve observed for many years a cyclical epidemic. Managers who don’t know how to manage, and who are not managing …and who are not helped in any useful, sustainable way.And so…it continues.As a business owner, senior leader or HR professional, if you’ve experienced this on any level I want to help you diagnose why.Now, I don’t want to insult your intelligence. Perhaps to you, the six items below are obvious and you’ve sought help and just haven’t found the right resources to fully fulfill your needs. For now, here are the reasons managers are failing:1). There is no consistent training and development (two different things by the way) and so they are left to their own devices.. navigating the challenges of people management (getting results through people) as best they can through lots of trial and error.2). They really don’t want to be managers, but there is no alternate career path where they can increase their income. So, they reluctantly take on a responsibility they intrinsically don’t want and even consciously or subconsciously resist. On a personal note, I find this very sad. Whenever I start a management training initiative, my first question is typically, “How many of you really want to be a manager?” Let’s just say rarely is every hand raised.3). They lack personal maturity. They are barely mature enough to manage themselves day to day, let alone others. They lack even the basic individual competency identified in emotional intelligence – self-management.4). They lack social maturity. Though some are successful at self-management, they lack social maturity – that is the ability to interact with others in a constructive, productive way. This is demonstrated via dysfunction, an unhealthy ego, low team morale, complaints and turnover. Imagine folks who are both socially and personally immature and yet are given power over a group. Or perhaps you don’t need to imagine – you’ve experienced it. (By the way, I see this as cruel – subjecting a group of people to an unhealthy person. Life is way too short to have a bad manager! Also, it’s fiscally irresponsible. Keeping an unhealthy manager is like paying someone to help you lose money.)5). They don’t have the professional aptitude in a subject matter area and therefore are not respected by those they lead, and yet are allowed to remain in their position – no matter what. Their ineptness is ignored.6).  They are being allowed to fail, which is my final reason. Overall they fail because senior leadership lacks the business and people acumen to recognize how this situation with all its ripple effects is systematically undermining the very things they are working to achieve, and therefore, are not motivated to remedy it. And for some, they are used to minimal effectiveness – so they have little expectation of anything different.You’ve probably heard the phrase – you don’t know what you don’t know. So if you don’t know what you’re missing, how can you imagine it to be any different, or be motivated to change it?This is why talent leaves in these kinds of environments. They know what it’s like to be different – to work with healthy, productive colleagues and their professional and personal toleration is very low for immature or blind-eye leadership.One final thought – in my 20+ years in observing and working with business leaders. there are leaders who care about building and having really healthy businesses/companies, and there are those who don’t really care…that are fine with nominally effective, that just enough is ….well…enough. Sad to say this, but it’s consistently proven to be true.Originally posted on the Smart Management Initiative blog.last_img read more

Is Yhoo Good Value?

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#Analysis#web Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting bernard lunncenter_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Monday has been a busy day for day traders and arbitrageurs interested in Yahoo. 4 hours into trading, Yahoo’s stock is down about 14%, much less than the wisdom of the crowd predicted. The day is not over, maybe a big drop will occur at the end of the day. After that the stock will be back with investors rather than traders. But is it worth investing in?I am not a trader, don’t have the stomach for it. So I have no idea what Mr. Market will do, but occasionally I dabble in undervalued tech stocks where I think I may know more than the crowd. Usually the smaller ones where fewer analysts are poking around. (Wonderful opportunities around 2002, few since then, but looking good again now). My starting point is PEG (Price Earnings Growth) ratio. I like to find stocks below 1 and then make my own judgment on next 5 years earnings. On PEG, Yahoo looks overvalued compared to the other Gorillas (from Yahoo Finance Statistics):Yahoo = 2.92Microsoft = 1.21Google = 1.02Amazon = 2.27eBay = 1.02Falling price does not equal value. Three types of investor are holding Yahoo stock high for different reasons:Arbitrageurs who believe that a deal will still be done, even if it is not Microsoft who does it. They may have a point. It is a gamble, but that is what these guys do. They probably figure some safety based on the fact that, if no deal is done, then:Yahoo will outsource search to Google, giving a quick earnings “pop” at the expense (maybe) of long term competitive advantage. So traders can get out after the pop, leaving longer term investors hoping for:Yahoo pulling out some serious magic. The one belief that may have some grounding in reality is that Yahoo has the best grasp, among the big guys, of how to monetize social media in a way that does not destroy social media for the users. Yahoo would be a great stock to own if they pulled that off. But that is pretty tough to pull off.last_img read more

Google Web Search Gets Social

first_imgRelated Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… New for some, not seen by all – yet – Google has added “Shared By” and “Recent Update” elements to search result pages. Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan points out that some people’s results are now coming up with socially-engaging teasers such as “shared by 5+” next to news stories. Even more intriguing, a blue “recent updates” box is appearing to offer results from Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and more.As Sullivan notes, it’s quite different than the social search partnership Bing and Facebook rolled out last week. In Bing’s new social search results, they only show users what’s been shared by Facebook connections. Google, clearly flexing its search muscles, is looking to extend users’ social search reach much further.Earlier this month, Google tested Twitter integration with “friends” to news results, but the inclusion of multiple social networks is looking like a bold and significant change. We saw that Google Social Search launched in Labs last October, so this development isn’t coming as a complete shocker for everyone. But where they’re going with it is interesting to observe. In Sullvan’s post, he drills into what people are seeing when they follow the breadcrumb trail, providing a glimpse of what could be just the beginning of Google’s move toward becoming a force in the social sphere: becoming a social utility. Clicking on the “Shared by” links takes you to Google Realtime search, where you are shown all the people who are sharing that particular news story through services such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Tags:#news#web violet blue A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market In The Wake Of Bing & Facebook, Google Web Search Tests Getting More Social (searchengineland.com)last_img read more

Rarefied air

first_imgAnshu Jampsenpa, mountaineer, on setting records, taking risks and regulating Mt EverestQ. You made history with the fastest double-ascent of Mount Everest.Records are just an offshoot of my passion for mountains. It’s the climbing itself that has changed me enormously as a person. I appreciate the fragility of life more.Q.,Anshu Jampsenpa, mountaineer, on setting records, taking risks and regulating Mt EverestQ. You made history with the fastest double-ascent of Mount Everest.Records are just an offshoot of my passion for mountains. It’s the climbing itself that has changed me enormously as a person. I appreciate the fragility of life more.Q. Has the pursuit of ‘firsts’ cheapened mountaineering?A lot of climbers climb to simply get their names in some record books. But mountaineering as a sport will never be cheapened. A casual attitude will never bring you success.Q. What’s your life like away from the mountains?Well, I am a mother to two lovely daughters. My husband Tsering Wange is also into adventure. He runs a travel company, Himalayan Holidays, and I help him with it.Q. What does Buddhism mean to you?I was born a Buddhist. To me, god is above religion, any religion. It’s an intimate connection between god and you. I’ve always felt his presence in the mountains.Q. What are your plans for the future?I would like to lead an all-Indian women expedition to Mt Everest next year if funding and sponsorship money comes through well in time.last_img read more