The rapid development of network learning network


      rapid decline reason:

you look at this site after my analysis, the chain is not much, included only more than 70 (peak reached thousands), love Shanghai weight is 2, no cheating. This site will last? Why this site can achieve rapid development, and rapid decline?

can last a long time, you will see is not really running, or just for a moment of satisfaction to the flow.


      learning network, inspirational world content is limited, so will cause the same page too much love, so Shanghai will have to stop cheating and suppressing it. We don’t stop this station? The answer is definitely denied. read more

n addition to the four pests website optimization

two, a lot of content


, a chain of harmful


chain can play a role to enhance user stickiness, but also can improve the correlation of the page, highlight the theme. But the chain is also not recklessly, to keep the link of natural harmony, change to the page does not change the unambiguous, pointing to a page not far fetched. Many people love to the home page for the anchor text in a lot of content inside, which in the past may really be able to play a very good role, but for now is not suitable, the internal links too much to the home page, even if you can increase the weight of home page, then the other column or channel, the weight of sub directory not come, the home is not "streaking"? No foil > read more