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7 Aug 2017 admin

can not remember how long brush, probably earn a few hundred dollars, seems to be not too good for software, pop alliance is also one by one off, a good reputation is almost impossible to find, this road is impassable, prompting I started the advanced version of Wangzhuan CPC! Use is no longer static web pages, but CMS. Of course, points or a word, brush! brush advertising cheat, webmaster should know, not introduced CPC earn than pop, but also Yan hang caught cheating, also tired, all hang a stack of software, integral or not, to the end might be a title, transport gas well can make some small

is now on the Internet many personal webmaster in the struggle, the heart has a dream, I know in one molecule, as a grass-roots group, venture for us in the present and far away, to dream of their own success one day, however, between desire and reality is always so far away, never let us this grass root vulnerable and not willing to. Today know in to explain the grassroots webmaster can not know the dead and life, hope to make business easier people walk less detours:


at the end of 2006, because of work reasons, every day in the Internet, that can use the network to earn some money, then began to use sh419 Search, what Wangzhuan, such as network to make money. During the contact with various Wangzhuan, PTC, HYIP and the like are in contact with, can not be said to lie, can only say this Wangzhuan, it is quite difficult to earn dollars, but also earn tens of thousands of It differs from man to man., or $There are plenty of people who, of course, oh! I only play play, 0 investment began to PTC, then HYIP, the highest EG. There have been 10 a few dollars, never thought would get hands, of course eventually lost in the HYIP. The real use of the network to earn money or rely on the site, did not even stand, just a web page,

two: no team – dead

earned money, people do not like, anyway, is to brush, bought a CN domain, that is 25 yuan, beginning with the top-level domain name brush because to do so like, take a two level domain name a day to brush a dozen blocks of pop, feel too fake of course, or the free space, space charge can be a lot of investment, we do not spend that money.

five: make ends meet – dead

begin to play popups and make money. Find some pop League, online too much. How does the flow come from? One word, brush. Brush tool Pop was a Wang wealth, very good, now not, every hung computer brush, beginning less points, brush less slowly, more points, brush faster, do not remember how many days, earn 20 yuan, will be able to apply for payment well, to get the money, so get Wangzhuan the first pot of gold.

stop the use sh419 Search for Wangzhuan found, of course, this is a window union. Very simple, have their own website, someone visited, pop-up pop-up, collect money, so I began to do it, first of all need a web site. Looking for something on the Internet, using a stupid web tool not knowing what DW was, and making several static pages, the site became known as "love free", a free resource web site. Then casually find some free space, of course, with a free two domain name, so that the site formed.

often have friends to know what to do now to ask, to make money fast, what a good project is blue ocean market? I just want to say, good projects can turn on

three: wait for investors – dead

singing set up the background, the people also have, but your ticket income is too low, or direct free watch, gave tea, income and expenditure is not proportional to the words, how long? To the end only dragged dead.

we know that the key factor of success or failure of a web site is the site location, as the name suggests, the concept of positioning is what you want to do, your customers where to operate in what form, do or do the high-grade and low-grade. Here is the most critical customer, if not to find customers, or customers do not like the final outcome is dead.

know in a friend have a good project, there are two or three intimate support, but as the most grass-roots group is not the lack of technology, nor passion, but money, as the saying goes, "a penny can sometimes to a hero", had no money what can be done. But we can’t sit down and wait to die ah, can not find the loan loans, relatives and friends to borrow money to do so, at the beginning of the business do not think any VC can take the initiative to come to you tens of millions of venture capital.

didn’t calculate it carefully, so you should make more than 1000 bucks in the end. Invest 0:>

four: the target customer is unknown – dead

didn’t do the station seriously, but earned the first pot of gold on the net.

six: fear of the enemy – death


on this point in do not want to say, for Chinese people, such a person is really There are plenty of people who see the success of others, all eyes, very envious, when the turn of their own do not want to move, not to perform, you die who died.


one: just want to do nothing – die

remember in 2009 when those personal webmaster are alone, a person silently at home, but most of them make money, but also earn a lot of life in the first pot of gold. But now the world will end in 2012 years, and then mixed the Internet is not a personal thing, no team of grassroots entrepreneurs are breathless, facing the Loess back into the air can not see the first day, but not a penny of income.

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