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7 Aug 2017 admin

giants are not gods, nor angels. The money they invest must have to be exchanged for some kind of price. This cost may be the company structure change, there may be left founder and initial staff, there may be aborted products. No matter what is possible, for the company’s previous name and team, it is very painful price. But it is possible that product and team are as is retained, and the original situation is likely to continue to develop; although the product did not, but the founder and founding team in all new projects get a new life. If there is such an outcome, how much should be regarded as a kind of death.

was "amnesty" this thing, can be regarded as an exit before the injection of milepost multi round investors. Since then, some investors have been able to choose a timely hand and enjoy the fruits of their victory. But for all those involved, this is just another new beginning.

mobile applications statistical analysis platform, established in April 2010, is the second innovation project exposure, and access to its angel investment. In July 2011, A won $50 million of the $10 million investment from Jingwei venture capital, valued at around $A. As of March 2013, more than 100 thousand applications were covered by the alliance.

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

in the message is not issued in October, the League of friends issued new "one-stop" solution. In addition to statistical analysis of mobile applications, the solution also includes four new products: game statistics analysis, message push, social sharing components and cloud acceleration.

we have to focus on the people a few happy tears of the milepost, see what kind of company is "amnesty" after the winners or losers. Let’s start with a couple of companies that have ties to the Alibaba.


the beginning of March 2013, Ali acquired alliance news in the industry pass more than a month, and is constantly fermentation. In April 26th, a reliable channel told dot technology that Ali had confirmed the acquisition of the alliance with friends, but it was not until November 19th that the rumours were confirmed as true. Before the media reported publicly priced at $80 million, the specific transaction price was not disclosed.

we want to focus on startups that are bought, held, or owned by large companies. For the sake of convenience, we use "amnesty" to summarize the situation.

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in the face of rumors, commented at the time that Ali acquired alliance is "buying time", quickly improve their layout on the mobile Internet, at the same time can be a large number of mobile Internet application data alliance have accumulated, including user behavior and operation data etc.. According to these data, Ali can grasp the domestic mobile Internet and mobile applications development trends and trends for the first time

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