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6 Aug 2017 admin

, a different knob,

, which is headed by two shlf1314 engineers, Adam Roberts and Colin Raffel, is working on the Magenta project in the rapidly expanding shlf1314 brain artificial intelligence laboratory. Last May, the Magenta project made its first public appearance at Durham’s Moogfest technology festival. The Magenta project focuses on machine understanding, training in the ability to generate music, and the creation of tools that can further improve and complement human creativity. Now, it’s been almost a year since Magenta was released, and Roberts and Raffel are back in Moogfest, introducing how Magenta works and how it works so that engineers and musicians can operate on Magenta. Roberts and Raffel also want engineers and musicians to contribute more code to this open source project and make constructive suggestions.


classified information network, a few years to make money?

these voices are reminiscent of old music synthesizers, but they don’t have much to do with retro.

Roberts explains, "with a synthesizer, it means that with knobs and oscillators, we can create a new sound by merging sounds.". This is a completely different knob".

a closed classroom, cluttered with noise, all over the screen in front of the classroom is a line of complex code, and every laptop speaker beeps.

Roberts. In a sense, everyone has more or less art cells, but we don’t think of ourselves as artists, and we may become researchers and software engineers."

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

, this workshop is one of several events organized by Magenta engineers this year at the Moogfest Technology Festival, which focuses on API, the MIDI music sequence generator in the Magenta project. In four days of Music Festival, they held several seminars, and to the public display of the latest Magenta player interface record samples, such as the NSynth neural network based on the use of synthesizer, synthesizer of neural network to the existing sound mixing, and then generate a new sound.

"The purpose of the Magenta project is to connect with the outside world, especially the music creators," says

these melodies and tones are created by a powerful neural network, and experts hope to provide musicians with some advanced, front-end compositional tools through the neural network. They even hope that one day these musical instruments can create music by themselves.


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