The process of searching for investors on the nternet

5 Aug 2017 admin

thought he had enough brains, and now he knows

I have a small business, because there is a good opportunity to do not want to miss, want to expand, I will find a way to find funds. We are an official statement of the economically underdeveloped areas, in a word: backward. Small business financing to prohibitively difficult. Because is an old geek, would like to with the magic of the network, online search for investors of the difficult journey and departure. This article reprinted since the start of business

to introduce their own things, first of all, my small business (in the success of the people to see the estimate is not an enterprise), 02 yuan in early 50 thousand started, and now developed to about 200000, do not owe 1 cents to others.

continues to talk about online financing.

The first

in the QQ friends asked in a circle, I am 99 years with QQ, then in that too many children QQ, basically not through the QQ list on the left of the people, we are old friends, have a high level of technology, but not what the financial strength of the. There are two, okay, but basically haven’t seen it for two years. There is no promise of help seeking, the specific results, over,.

after the search for Vc firm, a lot of, first filter out a batch of problems that appear to be, leaving a batch of E-mail began, and so on for a few days without an echo. Then a collection can find investment phone, one hit in the past, usually a lot is empty, but finally has fruit. I still have a group of phone numbers, and who’s interested in giving them to him?.


, the middle time also worshipped capital projects such as a net website, investment intermediary company, announced a number of investment information, but no contact, give money to join the membership and give you play a different number, or tell you is not in the scope of investment. I’m sorry, I tried it too. Call the company to three results: one is asked out of the project, said the project is not in their investment scope, (in fact, I know each other’s investment intention to contact, no way), some say they are too small in size, 10 million started, some say in their investment there are areas, investment requirements and so on, the results directly say bye, now seems to be the best result.

second is the project very well, the material by mail (some can also pass online), I sent ten more express mail every few days and asked to call, told that under review, please wait…

third companies, but also to everyone beware of Swindlers Company. First of all, as I said before, I was screening out some of the fake companies that looked like. The company website related material looks very formal, telephone call in the past to understand, feeling okay. The person who answers the phone has an assistant, a vice president and a director. Very good evaluation of your project, and asked in detail. In short, give you the feeling, oh, My God, finally found the angel. Ha ha, brothers, beware, liar to debut. (by the way, such companies are the largest in Shenzhen, >

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