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5 Aug 2017 admin

The profit model of

website has always been a topic that has been discussed constantly. For many entrepreneurial websites, in order to attract venture capital, the profit model is very important. The so-called website profit model, plainly, that is how to make money in this website, from whom the money received, how much money can be received?. I have written many articles before, and I have mentioned several major categories of website profit models which are considered by individuals. This article is no longer detailed. Recently my mind suddenly came out of an idea, the problem relates to the relationship that is in the website profit pattern, such as a web site to profit, to deal with some problems, and how many institutions or individuals or website relationship can be profitable. This is the subject of this discussion.

very early, before the entrance exam, I have never been exposed to the Internet, and at that time, naively thought that the site is divided into broadband and broadband operators profitable. Users need access to the Internet, and they need to pay broadband for operators, and users use broadband to access a web site, which can be divided into broadband operators. Of course, then know the domineering leak operators are receiving high with rubbish service to them in the hands of the miser, money is not likely to be divided out, in addition the profit model is of course impossible. Later, gradually contact the Internet more, and gradually clear the various types of website profit model. Such as advertising, Internet value-added services, e-commerce, and so on. So what are the relationships in these profit models? In this article, the relationship is divided into two kinds, close ties, common relations. Of course, this is what I have to do in my opinion. What is close relation and what is common relation in the following text?.

such as advertising, the profit model. The main issues involved are the three parties, namely, the website, the user and the advertiser. Among them, the relationship between the website and the user is the ordinary user, although very important, the number of users have a direct relationship with the number of sites profitable, but when the site from the advertiser there is not money, users face to face; in addition, the website received advertisers money, we need all kinds of relationship processing and advertisers, such as advertising mainly seeking to modify the display picture style, or complaints that the advertisement effect is not good, so between sites and advertisers are closely related. For example, Internet value-added services, mainly the relationship between the two parties, which is the website and the user, the user is accepted here of course website to provide value-added services to users, the relationship between the website and the user is such close relationship, because the income of the website is from this part of the user to the site to provide value-added services for these users, comments and complaints of the users in the use of value-added services, etc.. Finally, said B2C e-commerce this pattern, it is also a three party profit model, which are web sites, suppliers and shoppers: the relationship between the website and the supplier is closely related, because the relationship between sites will deal directly with suppliers, there may also be economic disputes; the relationship between the website and shoppers.

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