How to become a qualified website operator

5 Aug 2017 admin

website operation is an important part of the site’s daily maintenance, updates. A website is like a stage. The website technician is responsible for setting up the stage. It may be a one-time job, and then it is the daily operation and maintenance. In a large website platform, usually the business, maintenance and editorial staff are the most important, besides the business and promotion staff. What do the website operators need to do?

first of all, the website operators must ensure that the site opens speed and online time. Because if the site is too slow to open, or the site often can not open, it will give people a feeling of uncertainty, and perhaps will not come again. So make sure that users open their websites anytime, anywhere. After all, the Internet world has no rest,

next is to enrich the content of the site, you can say that the content is the soul of the site, the content of the site must be professional. Therefore, the editors are grouped according to the different content channels, or a channel to channel segments, such as web site operators can be divided into: SEO, website promotion, website, website construction sites, meticulous division of the purpose is to ensure to provide the most professional content and services to users. In addition to the professional, a qualified website, operation and maintenance, and editing staff also need to have several necessary qualities.

1, to be familiar with the basic rules of website optimization (SEO), such as how a keyword on a web page distribution is reasonable, an article how to choose the title and keywords?.

2, be careful, the basic requirement is to avoid mistakes, such as the typos, web page link error, image processing errors, CSS is not compatible with the error and so on, and do this is not enough, also must value, professional enough to avoid some sensitive or illegal text and pictures, once this is made a big, heavy face off station risk

can see, as a website operation and maintenance personnel pressure is not small, not only to try to generate a lot of valuable content every day, but also have timeliness. Fortunately, general website promotion staff, if you want to do publicity, creating awareness, with some large website editor will maintain good relations and provide professional content related to the editor, such as A5, Chinaz these are the webmaster often contributes place. This has become a very special supply and demand relationship. Of course, the network also taught a lot about how to put other people’s articles into their articles, commonly known as "pseudo original", use the method of editing the personal ideas.

to do a qualified website, operation and maintenance personnel is not easy, want to do good is more difficult, as an individual webmaster is also site development, operation and maintenance of multiple posts, so individual webmaster are busy, ha ha.

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