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3 Aug 2017 admin

itself has stood for a long time, for the purchase of space also some feelings, today about my views on the purchase of website space, and we exchange learning.

1, don’t be cheap,

at the earliest time to do the site, but also save money, buy a very cheap space, probably a year 100 1G, the database has 300M, web space, 700M. Space access speed was not too bad, but before long, on the right side of the website appeared a small advertising window, then there is some view, and their presence on a single server website news, look at these people’s sites also have such an advertisement window. Of course, also saw his article in which was also feel very good, the feeling we help each other, mutual promotion, but later found that the advertisement window cannot that bring traffic, search engines are not good, not long before they turn off the site.

later he bought a self that the higher cost of space, but the space of old problems, finally cannot directly access, and after IDC agents was also communicated, others say I collected articles, leading the entire server resources was depleted, said I used space immoral, so just shut down the website, I was kuangyun, my articles on the site was made less than 200 articles, and I never actually acquisition, being said to be space immoral, shutting down the site, probably because access is not smooth, the website has also been Baidu included to reduce a lot of punishment.


‘s IDC later apologized to me, but they also have no interest in any downhearted, use it, but also to replace the space immediately, the replacement of space, although the price has almost doubled, but the quality no matter from the access speed and stability are obviously feeling much better, I believe this space the search engine is also very good.

2, suitable for site status is the hard truth,

No matter what stage to

website development, have to adapt to the web space, before you also buy a very good performance and capacity of a large space, but later felt such resources for themselves are not fully used, and coupled with higher rental costs, finally abandoned this space. In the choice of space, the most important thing is to consider the development of the site, the right is the hard truth, the space is too big to use, but also waste.

3, summary

is always enough money and two factors need to consider the choice of space, because the development of the website, these two factors will also account for the different components, but there is one point, do not believe the so-called price, a penny goods, is the eternal truth.

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