Baidu’s Web site and China’s paternalistic Education

2 Aug 2017 admin

online today, I see a website has not been included Baidu webmaster lamented: "Baidu is a father, Google is a mother, the webmaster is the son.". Zhayiting feels funny, but taste, that there are many similarities, especially to the Lenovo started when the site difficult, more aware of this meaning, many common points between the two talk about this:

one, parents power, lack of democracy,

for thousands of years Chinese are accustomed to living in the emperor’s power, in family life, home to most of the time just to father say, if you want a little resistance, and act on your own way, you will be waiting for a good scolding and even a full meal. As a webmaster, especially personal webmaster, want to get website promotion, rapidly improve visibility, can only lead to Baidu, Baidu around their own propaganda, then waiting for everything.

two children, the lack of a sense of responsibility conceited

this problem in large family is particularly prominent, when the children for their parents problem was flushed and strike violently as heritage distribution problem, do you think this is a family tragedy. In the network, many webmaster to how to improve the visibility of their brains in Baidu, trying to gain the benefits, while the other is not only not Webmaster Help, but chouzhu each time, trying to stab you with a knife.

three, honest people suffer, the liar has

in a family, if you do something bad to tell what their parents, waiting for you is not understanding and tolerance, but abuse and accusations, therefore, lie became compulsory for each child, I believe there are few China children have lied, because they know that lying can not beaten. Not scolded, or at least can make more beaten a little later. As a webmaster, if you are honest about your defect site, or functional deficiencies, you also ridicule and scorn, thus forcing you to their own site to weave a beautiful lie, said the site is how comprehensive, how, how are you welcome, slowly, almost all of the owners have become experts lying.

four, no down-to-earth, only eager for quick success and instant benefit,

parents are now generally used, women look into the Phoenix, the child was just 3 years old, then everything would be fancies of men of letters, send their children to become second Beethoven, second Einstein, such cramming education stifle the child’s nature, let them work like robots every day, to the last the children not only did not become Beethoven, Einstein, but turned into a grotesque". As a webmaster, it is also true that in order to make the site was collected, many webmaster website will do cover and contain everything from astronomy, to geography, but also among talk about air, not thinking about how the site do fine, better for the public service, but to do everything possible to improve the Baidu ranking, even no >

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