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2 Aug 2017 admin


haven’t come here for a long time, A5 here to write articles, the following talk about how I operate, apply to join the Baidu advertising alliance!

talk about Baidu advertising alliance conditions 3 years ago! I have been paying attention to the Baidu alliance, but can’t join, then I will talk about my experience a few years to join the Baidu advertising alliance conditions! 3 years ago, my website ranking can, in around 1 million to 500 thousand, Baidu also included there are over 1000! At that time I thought that I could join the Baidu advertising alliance, but for second days after received refused to mail, but there is no way, not through the mail said, is not consistent with the Baidu advertising alliance, but what specific measures do not meet, is the traffic? Is the number? Is included? The flow of the background is Google? PR? But can not get what it is


joined Baidu advertising alliance is what conditions! Then I began to explore, ranking will not affect the join it, then I will strive to get good rankings, ranking the feeble, installed the IE toolbar, allowing members to help install the toolbar, then the world ranking rose to 200 thousand, and then I will again apply for Baidu advertising alliance, but the result is received to mail, then I have no way, after all, I work hard, I didn’t pass! Then I began to look for other reasons, I found some web site PR2 is also linked to Baidu union advertising Oh, but I was so PR2 website, it is also ruled out PR! Then consider the problems included, when my website was again included in Baidu at the age of 2000, I began to apply for Baidu advertising alliance, but the result is still the same, No! What’s the reason? I was furious at that time. Put the Baidu ad League in a corner and never mention it,


then a year later, I didn’t consider what the PR value, what world rankings, what included data, what snapshot time, what flow, etc., I wholeheartedly do stand, dedicated update information


do that for half a year, suddenly I found a miracle, I released the information actually included in the release after 30 seconds, so fast? Even I don’t believe it! But this is a fact, even though I still don’t believe, but Baidu is in 30 seconds after the release of information included, I have no way ah does the pain of loneliness! The maintenance of the website the day finally get the return of the


so that when I began to apply the idea of Baidu alliance, later in the second days of receipt of application by Baidu alliance information, at the time, that looks very ordinary, also should not by luck, with what factors inside. Since joined, you need to do, cheating is intolerable! Of course, often of high quality IP will bring you more hits, it will have a good income, now my website IP has 4000, of course Baidu search engine over accounted for 7 to


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