Actual combat 33 operations WeChat experience, see what you have done

2 Aug 2017 admin

(China Electronic Commerce Research Center News) 1. WeChat operating goal is to maintain the customer relationship, the 99% time to cultivate customer loyalty, please forget the daily sales, promotion, as the 29 day training customers, for 1 days to promote more effective, please forget the sales.

2. WeChat Marketing Marketing no secret Cheng, than is the investment and execution, to input it is impossible to obtain a large number of fans, not only see 3 months to get 900 thousand fans of the case, ask them how much money and manpower, if you don’t want to put too much money on. To choose time, adding the execution in place, in order to achieve the purpose you want to.

3. is not busy every day to push a lot of content, for potential customers, can create the topic of communication with readers, you should know that all values are in communication, push again good content, as a.

communication with readers

4. wants to create more opportunities for communication with readers, asking more questions from readers, asking when readers like to receive content, making valuable comments on their own public accounts, and so on,.

5. will not be those 3 months 1 million fans, dazzled fans more, if not into value, like this does not use, we need the fans who target fans, fans of the quality is more important than the number of fans.

6. published articles, not necessarily long winded, but must arouse readers thinking, general content in 300 to 500 words or so,

7. pay attention to competitors WeChat, pay attention to 10, 50, there are 50 people teach you how to do WeChat marketing, you have to do is to optimize all their methods, please remember, competitors are the best teacher,.

8. novice started learning playing WeChat, from the quality of WeChat began to learn, remember those good game player method, every day take down their own, compare those places can do better, and help their own operation after WeChat public account.

9. a careful analysis of their own industry, whether you need to use the WeChat public platform, in fact, many small and medium-sized enterprises and the individual boss, as long as the use of WeChat circle of friends can do business, such as barber shops, beauty shops, restaurants, fast food shops,.

10. how to create content, the content must be original, not necessarily, if you do not want to build the first industry leader, content must be original, but you must do one thing, is to join their own point of view


11., we respect customers, but don’t curry favor with customers, or cancel the concerns sooner or later, as long as you have been providing value, leaving always stay.

12., WeChat marketing depends on channels, the advantage of having channels is that every day you can get a stable fan, not a day into 500 fans, and then >!

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