Sharing strategy of local group buying websites

1 Aug 2017 admin

recently runs a small group buying site. At first, owing to lack of experience, I was really embarrassed. Today I will write out my business experience and share it with you. Let us have an accurate understanding of the group buying network, find its own direction, so as to win an invincible position in the competitive group buying market.

first. First, on the domestic market, there are four kinds of group buying websites. First, buy website pioneer, such as handle, the United States, and so on. Second kinds of domestic portals, such as 58 group buying, QQ group buying, Taobao group buying and so on. Third local groups of pioneers. Beijing group buying, Wuhan group buying and so on. Fourth, follow the trend type. Face group buying spree. Many people are also eager to try, so we will see large and small, this group, that group flooded the market. But thousands of melee, especially the fourth are the largest number of heads, we how to survive in the competition, and development, is worth considering and research.

first of all, we as small group buying sites, there is not a lot of money to go and big buy sites to compete advertising. Take Fushun, for example, a second tier city, those big sites are desperately throwing money to occupy the market expansion effect. You always see the handle in the ad position. On the bus, in the newspaper. They are everywhere. They don’t take cost to advertise. Can we buy them in Fushun to face the confrontation? Obviously, the answer is no, they are different from our aims. They stared at the profit of the corner, not the gains and losses of the city. Therefore, we have to avoid the edge of our daily product audience for a specific user. In order to promote. Let’s make a children’s playground, for example. We’ll go to the kindergarten to advertise. We make holiday gifts, go to factories and mines to advertise and so on. Because, after all, we’re natives. Although we still have a bad climate, geography and people. With our targeted publicity. Humanized products, intimate services to fight for customers. Chairman Mao said: do not sparks of fire can start a prairie fire.

actually, as a webmaster, you should control your finances and employ more people. The cost is high, too. Fewer people are employed. You can’t do it yet. So you have to control your personnel structure in a planned way. Few men are good. And every month, how much should be put in a certain amount of advertising, so it is important to live within your means. Learn to calculate carefully. According to your financial situation to have a planned allocation, buy a net does not mean you put in how much advertising, how much buying quantity. Because he has a strange to familiar with the process of trust. Therefore, the head of small websites, do not blindly invest, if you are afraid of money, but also can. But do not recommend crazy money.

third, as a leader in a web site, you need to have a comprehensive and developmental view of your website. Enrich your product. No matter what they have is men and women, old and young. You can find what he needs or consume on your website. Keep up with the market consumption hot spots. Each festival is planned to invest in solar terms of products or services. Let consumers Shape >

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