Soft writing ax reasoning to love moving from heart

1 Aug 2017 admin

at the time of this writing, the world first think not below what to write, but think of "Heroes" in the middle of the Sui and Tang dynasties. The bold and loyalty but with lovely Reggie, in a number of people regarded as one of the best of luck. Although the late late Qin Li Mi, Wu, but he can rely on their wisdom and courage to become one of a founding father of a country of the Tang dynasty. Speaking about the future of the trick: sanbanfu. The three resort is very famous, but it is horizontal wipe, chop, slanting three etc.. Compared with other famous dazzling tricks, this action is too simple, but to simplify, in actual combat is very practical.

these three axes used in the soft, the world is summed up as follows: reasoning, to love moving, sincere and moving.


why should consumers buy this product? Here, soft Wen should be the most practical attitude to choose the reasons for the use of this product.

such as a sleep promoting mattress, which promote sleep is reflected in these aspects? Soft just said: "the user got a good sleep and sleep until dawn", "the sweet dream" and so on will be able to impress consumers? Absolutely not! As each user definition of a good sleep is not the same, so feel sleep experience is not the same. "All the muscles of the body are relaxed and very relaxed." "Often, desk, cervical often feel nervous and uncomfortable, lying on the mattress on the cervical vertebra to relax."…… User experience should be more specific and true, and closely related to the lives of ordinary people.

proves that the experience is the design and materials of the mattress. The design is scientific and humane. Considering the sub health state of the modern people, the materials are more green, comfortable and considerate.

full statement of the specific reasons and reasonable, not to effect and will choose products for Hu Chui to do so as if it were raining flowers, often counterproductive.

with affection —

people are emotional animals, only feelings can touch the softest part of the heart. In fact, do not say soft Wen, why the "Palace" featuring Yang Mi? Why "Titanic" can win hundreds of millions at the box office but a? The former rough, Its loopholes appeared one after another. romance play, they have used similar "Transformers" the kind of dazzling special effects. Needless to say, the introduction of the world, the two with a word to describe the reasons for success: love.

soft in "love", is from the love, affection, friendship, and even strangers as if you care, I care about you I be strangers to each other. Soft Wen from consumers never met a writer’s hand, but the writer will soft touching perfusion "emotion", the threads tied the hearts of consumers, let the heart along with the ups and downs, then accept the promotion of soft paper products.

is moving with sincerity —


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