Small and beautiful to create a web site features a humane community, more able to retain users

1 Aug 2017 admin

to spare the remainder, we often find some interesting information to see, pass the time, under the regulation of mood, do not know what we often go to interesting places? Like most encyclopedia, energy-saving, fuck net and fun, is a good time. Choose. What’s the difference between running an entertainment website and a community or a local station? What kind of inputs do you need and what are the main ways to make a profit?

Thursday November 8th A5 edition chat activity, invite a mean  three share; founder Wu, interesting stories, and the experience of website promotion, profitability, the finishing quiz content, it’s easy for everyone to read.

: interesting. It was created in 2007. How many registered users are there now? How much is the traffic per day? Who are the information on the website now? Who is the manager of the website?

answer: interesting now, there are 250 thousand registered users, independent IP one hundred thousand per day, pv30~50 million. Now the content of the web site is mainly issued by editors and users. Editors mainly edit and sort out the content released by users, and they also publish content as ordinary users.

asked: "in 2007, the entertainment nature of the site is not much, then why the guests consider the creation of this site, the early construction of the site mainly rely on what profit?" about how long the site began to profit?.

answer: to tell you the truth, I don’t know much about Internet development. From my understanding, the Internet has no lack of entertainment sites, the lack of personalized and interesting entertainment sites. In 2007, such "niche websites" were relatively small, so we had the chance to make it what we are today.

I got into touch with the Internet when I was in college, when BBS was popular. I have been called "literary youth", then set up a call "Wujiazhuang" literary forum, with a group of friends interested in literature about poetry on the road in the above. I was learning the news, 05 years after graduation in the television station less than two years later to help the director constantly on the run, a teacher to take care of the bookstore. In the bookstore is relatively idle days, there is a website to do the idea. I was engaged in IT industry’s brother just going to Beijing, I put the site of the idea to talk to him, then he has to resign, not what to do, we started with personal interests without essentials planning mean.

is currently the main way of mean earnings or advertising, to create the initial GoogleAdsense, and later joined the electricity supplier (such as Taobao and VANCL) Promotion Commission; after a certain degree of visibility and reputation, some online merchants active cooperation with us. At present, mainly in these ways. In addition, the soft will be the way advertising as a supplement, but advertising content needs >

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