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31 Jul 2017 admin

see other owners say their own web site experience here, today I want to talk about their own web site experience, the first statement is in fact is the only station on the stationmaster story evokes their own thing, and then on the way to AD a.

I graduated in March 2006 to 2006 November, to know there is this Wangzhuan, felt as if money becomes easier, because this idea was imperceptibly cheated 80 yuan. At that time the site told me that as long as you pay $80 we will send you a website, you can promote offline, on the website advertising agency of our products, then feel rich, in fact here point the day and await for it, you can call me sb because I was a technician of a network company. But I just don’t know why, but I bought a lesson myself. I’m not in the mood for 2 days. I know I can write that kind of program myself. Despise yourself.

in 2007 April as, which is in the CN domain of 1 dollars, I registered 20 domain names, because I do not understand the garbage station, so I put the name of someone else’s register down, others think that if after buy me, I earned, I can not buy myself do.

and I made the first station ( is healthy, I do not know what is SEO, so the download program of others, every day I own East posts, are directly copied, pasted directly, not to change the title, content and format, when the collection is not understand. Then I applied for the GG ad for 2 weeks.

, but the site is not as beautiful as I thought it would be. Last December, IP didn’t reach 100 ip., then it was QQ to help his friends to help GG advertising. In fact, very few people will go to the point, they have said that point, and I can not help.

later discovered that the search was better, and then he searched every day.

in November of last year, the website was attacked, the man didn’t do anything to my website, because there was no need. My website doesn’t have anything meaningful at all.

he just put one of those on the front page, like in the matrix, adding background music and text to remind me.

it wasn’t long before I found out that searching my website in Google always reminded malicious code later. I guess it was the kid.

Google was cheating on me by 100 then. I quickly shut that website up, I’m afraid I can’t get the $100.

(this station is not available now).

after a long time, I finally got the money (1084. 3) paid 60 yuan for collection procedures.


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