Shanzhai sites are rampant, and domain name selection is the key

31 Jul 2017 admin

to book tickets, in a search engine search "Spring Airlines" when there are a number of results, such as,, and other domain name site.

Spring Airlines is China’s most successful private low-cost airlines, the biggest feature is the ticket is very cheap. Therefore, in 2009, the three major airlines cried out in unison, and Spring Airlines continued to make profits in 2008.

is reflected, to website is headed, this copycat website and legal website are more lifelike, have certain deceit.


air website

genuine spring and autumn website domain name should be, and another copy of the spring and Autumn Edition of the domain name and genuine website domain name is more similar, for, more than two "s"".


genuine spring and autumn


cottage spring and autumn

contrast chart can know, the home page of Shanzhai spring and autumn website, no matter from page layout, color, edition plate setting, very similar to genuine copy fortress, enough to get to the point of genuine. But look carefully, the details are a bit rough.

analysis of the domain name industry insiders, the reason will appear this kind of circumstance, mostly because the domain name is too long, do not meet the Chinese habits, the combination of Chinese and western, letters + numbers and other factors led to the user is not easy to remember, every time you need to find the website, through the search engine. Spring Airlines such as "china-sss", most of the user needs to remember at least three points: the first is to remember is China and remember how to spell the word China English; second is to remember is followed by the letter "s" and three "s"; third is to remember with an intermediate "-", also is the domain name usually called "biandan". Want users to remember this domain name, the three are indispensable. Therefore, even if the station does not pass through the search engine, you can also register some users easily because of memory errors and input the wrong domain name to do Shanzhai, that is, the domain name called "typo domain name"".

stakeholders said that the recent phase of the peak tourism, most of the teachers and students in the summer vacation time to travel abroad, the cottage ticket website take advantage of this opportunity to run rampant, to some extent, causing losses to the public. Spring Airlines is headquartered in Shanghai, Shanghai Airlines Spring Airlines ticket prices in the country is almost the lowest. In 2010, World Expo is about to begin, will usher in a new round of the peak travel, "China editor called on relevant departments should take relevant measures to curb the" copycat "timely.

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