Optimize popular keywords 5 points of experience

31 Jul 2017 admin

optimize some popular keywords, this difficulty is very big, I don’t say many webmaster all know, because every webmaster may be SEO master. They not only rely on their own knowledge to optimize their website, more likely to rely on a SEO optimization team, but like hot keywords can not do. Personal talk about optimizing key keywords experience,


1, space and domain name

, that is to say, the longer the domain name of the site, the higher the weight of the site, the space is also a reason for the stability of the site rankings. But not that the better the domain name, the better the ranking, space and domain name is only one of the reasons.

2, site content

for web content, many webmaster are quite familiar, the content is best original. As we all know, the importance of the original article on a web site, only the article in the website is mostly original, and the ranking of the website will be more stable.

3, the link resource of the website

after many years of SEO experience, understand that to do Google optimization, the link is very important, Google spider is very fond of links. Add the chain as much as possible in the same industry, but also of high quality. How is the link of high quality? (1) link site must be Baidu and Google have included sites not included, don’t add the link (2) do Links with the same industry, the same industry to see on the website is not already added a lot of links, if a lot of links as far as possible don’t do Links. (3) the PR value of the site, this is not how I said, every webmaster all know the importance of PR.

4, the structure of the site

, Baidu, and Google spider’s favorite web site structure is not the same, the site construction, the structure should be clear and clear. This way, search engines will like your website better.

5, webmaster diligence

individual feel that the webmaster also has a great relationship with the ranking of the website, especially the optimization of the keyword competition, the webmaster must pay a hundredfold effort. Keywords like this, competition is very fierce, each webmaster use their respective skills. The ranking of such a website is often very unstable (personally, I think so) because many of the hot keywords in Googl are unstable rankings. Only you pay attention to your website frequently, pay close attention to your website of the same trade, analyse the reason of fluctuation of website rank fluctuation. So your site will be better.

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