Do a strict self-discipline webmaster, for society, but also for themselves

29 Jul 2017 admin

is now a lot of Internet users or other industries, especially those who don’t know much about the special group of webmaster. There are many misunderstandings about the webmaster’s understanding and understanding. Some people mention stationmaster, can think of the rubbish station that is full of advertisement, what still more, bring up stationmaster, what think of is a few pornography station and illegal unhealthy dating website. They think webmasters are people who make a living on these sites. As a webmaster, I think we are also dumb eating Coptis, there is bitter can not say. Indeed, there are many garbage stations, there are many stations do pornographic stations, playing edge ball. But most of the webmaster are law-abiding, you work hard to stand, want to make the site bigger and stronger. This kind of stick kills the point of view really has the wrong place, but why other people can have such idea to stationmaster, this is really the problem that stationmaster people have to reconsider.

has a lot of people will have so many one-sided one-sided understanding of the webmaster. That’s because there are a lot of porn sites on the Internet, garbage stations. When Internet users, you want to search the content through search engines, it is easy to link to these sites, and these sites are full of pop ads, even being linked to the horse. For webmasters, there may be nothing. But for ordinary Internet users, this should be a very bad feeling, not to mention the user experience. Does it do stand hard to make money, many owners also complained that the traffic difficult, advertising revenue is difficult to just be able to reproduce the situation of earning 100 knife. What station best to flow, see most people, no doubt, this webmaster all understand, is pornographic station, edge ball site. Although the state has introduced various laws and regulations, but also increased supervision of illegal pornography stations, pornography sites are likely to face prison disaster. But, many webmaster in order to immediate interests, desperate, holding a kind of lucky mentality to do stand, but Adsense have thought of these social harm and harm to yourself?

sees a news today: online advertising alliance is an important channel for pornographic websites to make profits. It is reported in the news that many advertising unions are now being driven to the interests of some non filing and even pornographic websites. Indeed, the majority of porn sites have to exchange traffic for advertising revenue, and the ad’s own lack of self-discipline has fueled the proliferation of porn sites to some extent. Adsense nets satisfied if the advertising alliance to strengthen self-discipline, not to advertise on these sites, pornographic sites no living space, will reduce the number of relatively.

many webmaster may say, do porn station, also because there is demand, such a large flow shows that there are still many people see, there is demand, there must be someone to do, this is very reasonable. Yes, in some ways, porn stations do have market demand. Men at their birth, good in nature, which is perfectly logical and reasonable. However, the high openness and freedom of the network makes it more and more convenient and convenient for people to access information. It may be harmful for some people (such as adults) to visit pornographic sites. But there will be minor children too

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