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as a new media has wide influence, if used properly, bring the good development opportunity will be able to give the hospital business, can spread in the network marketing ability on the path of the effective solid hospital, provide the impetus for the business development of the hospital.

platform analysis

() advantage of WeChat platform

1. has a large number of users and a high frequency of use, especially in the first tier cities.

has been heavily used, whether on the way to work, shopping, dining and leisure time, WeChat.

2. WeChat can be positioned

uses the functions of people nearby to lock people in the surrounding area and carry out effective marketing.

The cost of

3. is low.

In addition to the necessary labor costs,

generates only a few traffic costs.

4. has a good publicity effect,

(two) lack of WeChat platform

1. adds powder slower, need to accumulate slowly. Sometimes people need to shake their cell phones or find people nearby.

2., WeChat does not provide mobile users whether online features

3. interactive efficiency than PC platform QQ and other sun color

two market analysis

(1) applicable object

WeChat applies to a wider range of gynecological hospitals, men’s Hospital, health management center and plastic surgery hospital. These institutions are relatively wide audience, can often provide users with good health, physical health, beauty care, self shaping and other aspects of information, conducive to long-term development of influence.

(two) requires longer maintenance

customers generally focus on morning work hours, lunch breaks, commuting hours, and midnight hours. If you are only working on WeChat, the efficiency will be greatly reduced.

(three) generally exists the problem of consultation volume and reservation rate

under normal circumstances, if one day consulting 100 people, booking rate of about 10%, there are some WeChat promotion ineffective, consultation and reservations are very low.

three promotion and powder adding method

1. shake by cell phone

2. features

through nearby people

3. imports the potential customers, mobile phone numbers and QQ number


4. online promotion of two-dimensional code and micro signal

through QQ, WeChat, and write soft text, micro-blog, mail, the official website and other ways to promote enterprise micro signals.

5. lines to promote two-dimensional code and micro signal

can be promoted Online

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