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29 Jul 2017 admin

, Hello, Sidney,

love your blog very much, the information and the sharing of experience at the same time, gave me confidence to continue its efforts based on your blog! "Said WA is not necessarily to understand mathematical statistics and web programming, I would say the best". I have a problem that has been bothering me for a long time. I am here to ask you for advice. In the Internet industry is actually a lot of people haven’t learned Computer Science, for example, I was learning English: (I’m an marketing industry newcomers, the work time, will often end with Web code, which made me very upset. At the same time, when doing data monitoring and analysis, it will come into contact with some data, statistical analysis, such as modeling, completely without concept. Always listen to people say, want to go tech and marketing combination of career path, oneself also feel that should learn some related skills and knowledge, but don’t know what to learn, from where to start learning. Don’t know whether you can provide some advice on your own experience? Or open a blog about?

): Thank you very much!

, sincerely,


has always been a friend asked me: I am a novice, I love the website analysis, but I do not have the experience, I must have what kind of foundation, and how to start learning,


, before answering this question, I’d like to start with the following question: what is the most important thing about website analysis?

What’s the most important thing about

web analytics,


for this question, Avinash on this issue specially opened the article discussion, I feel exactly the same with him. In fact, this question can be changed to: "what is the most important thing in all analysis activities?" the obvious answer is human. You can say that technology is important, tools are important, data is important, models are important, and experience is very important…… However, all these need a clever mind to organize to construct, and then be able to use the appropriate tools to get the necessary data, and to analyze these data using appropriate models, resulting in the so-called insight (opinions or ideas). And tools, data, and models are not only impossible to give you directly to insight, they are more likely to give you recommendation directly. Don’t tell me what Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence) system can do, or tell me an advanced model can see all these are bullshit, no human brain command them, they will be not worth a penny. Did you see the minority report? When the movie was about to be announced, everyone realized that ox X wasn’t a computer, but a brain of a natural born man. Also, website analysis and analysis are really the same

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