Absolutely not more than two or three electronic mall attract customer means analysis

29 Jul 2017 admin

, first page introduction, and the tragedy of a horse classmate

as the saying goes, iron stores water customers, since the beginning of this concept shops, business people in the two things in favor: attract new guests and retain old customers, let the discount lottery, do anything. By twenty-first Century, because of the popularity of the Internet, online shopping malls and web sites are springing up like mushrooms. Each website is your discount, I send coupons to play with joy, each family in order to repeat customers and use various means. The skills used by the mall are endless in terms of winning customers and attracting new guests.

all of us are not stupid, but it is likely to be pit father. For thousands of years, excellent salespeople have been pondering how to tap into human thinking weaknesses and use them to pit fathers. Behavior pit dad economics will play now provides a precise set of eternal quatrains to define this kind of thinking is weakness, they let us eventually fall into a carefully designed cheating trick properly, let you pay transfer, one did not have to run.

based on the view of psychology, behavior economics society tells us why we are more willing to write 0.99 instead of 1 of the price of standard pay (the cargo was: left a effect, interested students can open Baidu Google answers)? Why would we do a fitness card but never use (this should be called "optimistic bias")? Why the return goods were ultimately we stayed (thoughts on this probably called after rational


let’s take a look at the story of a horse student,


Xiaobian homemade cartoon "sad urge boil, horse classmate"

whether the Jingdong or the Amazon, as well as a variety of group purchase website, there are a variety of renren.com, deceive the electronic traders are playing a similar trick let our habitual open their pages, to their cheating in the game, throwing money to buy their goods, this is one of the reasons why they let us remember. Now, Xiao Bian with Amazon and handle nets as an example, take you to see, secret how they put you into the pit.

, second pages, Amazon’s little tricks analysis,

Amazon (as well as Dangdang and Yi and Jingdong B2C network mall) to attract consumers to

behavior pit dad, economics, there is a cloud: if, you remove small inconvenience, then, you will completely change people’s choice, so you go to the pit of the people. For example: London Business School psychologist said, they simply will organ donation list default options from "donation" has become a "donation", makes said the number of people willing to donate organs increased from about 40% to more than 80%. (it’s really a proof of "pit Daddy". Many people never look at it when they register

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