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28 Jul 2017 admin

Some vocabulary for

network promotion, SEO, and other soft writing in each network in people’s everyday life, but in the end the network throughout the network life, a few people are real goods, this elegant


Yang Xiujiang think this part is one of the few people, a few successful, why the network do not succeed, the network easily impetuous, quality problems may be more or network person, I always say the importance of practical learning, may have been put annoying, but people think it is necessary, but also must adhere to.

network life begins, we will in the radical pseudo original and impatient learning atmosphere, different training groups, different network circle, in the mutual comparisons and malicious competition, chaotic forward, from that person’s heart began to profit, the network is no longer calm, perhaps because of life perhaps, because of difficulties, perhaps because the mentality, but the total reason is that we can slow down the network marketing ability is easy, learning attitude in the face of new problems when necessary, and hindered our way forward, one day two days three or four days, yesterday, today, today, tomorrow, we repeat the same the work and thinking, backward is inevitable, is doomed to failure.

network system and life really need to learn meditation, do the network from the beginning of life, because a good behavior habit and work style is beginning to do anything, perhaps a better and more peace of mind can take you further, as the author of today’s travel experience a kind of thinking: the future decisions, the mentality of the decision success! If a new network of people, don’t know what they are doing? Why?? these three fundamental problems are not think about it, I suggest you stop all your tedious operation matters, give yourself a time to think, let yourself calm down, think about now and in the future, you do have a network of people goods ready for


of course, the network because of its environment will become broad and busy, every day there are different events and new marketing cases, based in doing their own work at the same time, in the face of the vast Internet information network, people how to reserve their own thinking update channels


the author has the following three suggestions:

1, in ensuring their own network tasks to complete, do their own knowledge source choice, see Gao Quanzhong real goods platform, do a good job site classification;

2, in the guarantee of knowledge source updates and reserves, the author more recommend to do a person who will recommend themselves, good at sharing themselves, find more network connections;

3, the updated information and contacts reserve is the priority among priorities, but the crucial thing is: the body of a person every day update; quantitative metabolism, to do some of their body renewal plan, the body is the capital of revolution kazakhstan.

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