Do not abandon, do not give up the need to do local forum XuSanDuo spirit

28 Jul 2017 admin

now with the webmaster network hype local websites profitable, many new sites have been born at the same time, the home also has a lot of new places to get involved in their own regional forum, but most are in a relatively poor state, unable to break through the bottleneck, including my Yuyao forum is, after long time exploration is always popular in general, but recently broke through the 10 thousand mark PV, special post congratulate themselves, at the same time and share a little experience.

1: QQ group, one of the constant publicity techniques.

added some popular QQ group, at the same time and group relationship, best can mix a group to Dangdang, group announcement into your forum address, then a day sooner or later send several promotional information, if the forum has some good information, can also group and share, the click rate is relatively high, at present I have mixed up 5 local group group. At the same time they built some QQ group, the people can come in, you are the main group advertising nobody.

2: search engine optimization

currently Baidu search Yuyao forum, Yuyao Life Forum, Yuyao rental, and other key words, we are ranked first in the forum, so as to ensure that every day there is a new flow of imports, to ensure fresh blood.

3: send content, quality post,

forum to retain people also need your forum things, and you cannot expect at first member to help you post, so you need to find yourself some more popular news events, we are interested in the news, more discussion topic ah, and so on, so that we have read and reply desire.

4: keep each user

every day some people come to register for the forum. At this time, as managers, we must welcome new people, so that new people have a sense of warmth, belonging. Otherwise, maybe register. Get out. Every new person registration, as long as the post, I will give him a score to welcome him. Make him feel very popular. Then, new people will soon participate in the forum’s post and replies discussed.

5: engage in activities,


forum must engage in the activities of Kazakhstan, engage in activities and take photos to the forum and to share with you, you do not want to go only to see Kazakhstan, at the same time because all involved, have a common topic, sympathetic nature back to participate in the discussion, popularity will come.

6: integral gift giving

We can get some gifts is everyone wants to play in the

at the same time, more people have a feeling of surprise, so the local forum started the best opening points for gift column, of course you can present the best business sponsor, if not as their first pocket, give a QB mobile phone. We compare the love recharge and other things, so the enthusiasm of people posting will raise, perhaps will give you word of mouth, let you have unexpected results.


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