Google’s exit from mainland China to Hongkong is not a gorgeous turnaround

28 Jul 2017 admin

‘s seething Google exits, and 23 has finally come to a new end. Google announced its formal withdrawal from mainland China, and was unable to access it and went straight to Such a way to quit, with the previous lively news speculation formed a great contrast, withdraw from China, originally just withdraw from the mainland, Google music, hot list, maps and other services are still available for Chinese Internet users. Don’t know the way, Google is still settling a matter of expediency, whether it is the quiet before the storm


China’s vast grassroots webmaster, Google’s departure is still very reluctant to leave. After all, there is a huge amount of personal website revenue that comes through Google’s advertising alliance. In the A5 forum owners are most concerned about is the "Google exit China mainland, AdSense is affected, Adsense advertising revenues have protection?" Google Adsense alliance with high price, timely payment, high credibility, a union account can be used in many websites, by webmaster favorite. Although the alliance income is not the website long-term profit pattern, for many novice webmaster, in the website has not been bigger and stronger transition period, the advertisement alliance is the best choice. So far, the domestic has not been able to replace the Google Adsense alliance, Google really wants to leave, is the stationmaster does not want to see.

as a business company, Google is reluctant to give up the Chinese market, but the political factors involved, the withdrawal is helpless. In order not to give up the Chinese market completely, Google has made concessions to withdraw from the mainland to Hongkong and retain all its business in china. although jump, but does not affect search results, but for a number of sensitive keywords have also been filtered. In China, the policy of self censorship is a non-negotiable law ", Google or scruples, into the village have to do. In the China Internet environment, if you do not comply with the relevant laws and regulations, or difficult to develop, results like YouTube and twitter, although they are the industry leader, is still very difficult to stay in China.

said that although Google search results, filtering is not in Hongkong, but when the search or some information filtering, some input keywords prompt "" XXX "Google has been screened, because the Google security enabled search function." This has nothing to do with Google’s "no evil" and no human interference with search results. If Google completely abandon the search results audit, users can search the government hopes to harmonious information, even if Google is not better than the days in Hongkong, Zhibuding what had been blocked, users can only Chinese over the wall.

I think, Google retreat to Hongkong is only an expedient measure, the follow-up should have corresponding action. If many businesses in China do not change as it is now, the so-called "withdrawal" means nothing. If you quit completely

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