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25 Jul 2017 admin

believes that a lot of people do stand there is a misunderstanding, often take the idea of operating personal websites is to do business websites. We note, you will find that, for now, the vast majority of the vast majority of sites is still commercial sites, the vast majority of personal sites did not really become a commercial site. Why? Some people say that personal websites can’t do without money.

in fact, the root is not here. It is that the two are not the same. The difference between the two lies in the difference between the operation and the objectives of the two operations. Here is a detailed analysis of the difference between commercial websites and personal websites:

first, the personal website is usually personal, starting with ideals and satisfaction, entirely due to the management of personal interests. Maybe build one today, build 10 tomorrow, and then turn off the day after tomorrow. And the commercial website is according to the intention of investors, follow the commercial law to operate the Internet project, have strict investment standard control, all operations follow the business rules to operate.

second, commercial sites are basically put into larger, usually outside the founder of investors to join, operators must bear commercial responsibility for investors’ input. Personal websites are usually less invested, so they don’t have as much economic risk as commercial websites do. And usually multiple roles, self responsibility, no commercial contract risk.

third, personal web site is usually simple, single function. Commercial websites are usually complex and have many functions. Commercial websites must assume more operational risks.

fourth, personal website is according to their own intentions, according to their own preferences and wishes to operate the Internet project. It is characterized by the fact that sites are usually less invested and, although profitable, are not as strong as commercial websites. A business website that fails to make a profit is a failure, and a person who has no profit can keep it for a long time.

fifth, personal websites because of its characteristics such as small and flexible, can put the site at any time transfer to other areas or overseas, as long as you can move the home office, or even illegal problem you can even have run. But business websites are different. It’s not easy to change locations for a commercial website. For example, you can transfer the Shanghai hotline to Beijing.

, we can easily find that the core of commercial websites is: big investment, complex operation and heavy responsibility.

so, for that, let’s talk about the rules of business websites:

first, commercial websites must follow strict rules to commercial operation, must have perfect legal business procedures, such as personal web sites without the need to consider the issue of copyright, and commercial sites to be taken seriously, as well as the establishment of the company, must obtain the relevant qualifications or illegal operations. Once identified, will enable investors and investment capital.

second, commercial sites must assume greater operational risks, such as personal web site problems, you can clap your ass and leave

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