The brilliance of the station master

24 Jul 2017 admin

do webmaster, site, hear, see, finally finally understand, summed up four words: mining, set, change, delete.

may say that wrong, but can not see, must have been wrong, heard, seen, and finally know.

do webmaster two purposes, one is a good station, one is to make good money.

good standing is difficult, making money is not easy.

The reason

above lead to many aspects of the production, it is better to stay in a station of origin, untouched, some people say that I changed, yes, you are changed, but the essence of culture is the people, the other processing results of your last, integration is a not much value site.


webmaster, do stand, serve the people, work, play to their strengths, not for you to engage in technology, is to use your head, not to other magic you, explore their potential, let everyone to cheer for you.

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