The first time stood, felt was still very successful

24 Jul 2017 admin

I started at the end of March began to change the site code, April 1st to stand up. And then sent some of their own articles, in April 3rd I saw Baidu actually included my site, I feel a little excited, I made the first stop, feel the first step to success. For the site master, to do a station, but Baidu included simply too simple, novice feel different.

I remember that day in March 29th, I went to register a domain name, the feeling can also be relatively short, good for the domain name I put the site up, the first step of my website, then I started to look for a website program, to find a lot of business network program, and like himself, later on a forum released a program, just a feeling I can open it, to modify the. A day later, modify their own things has been completed, start hanging station optimization, the optimization of how to do that, I am not very clear, a lot of data related to the look, just a little bit more articles, and then choose a keyword, Chongqing business network, Chongqing beauty Chongqing, Chongqing specialty, rental housing, because I have to do is the portal, I do not know what keywords are good, so I can not do, then there is no day of release four to nine articles. In April 3rd, I saw, station was included.

now I still insist on a day of several different types of articles, and then find some good friends of the station links, in the future, I hope the ranking can go up, now looking for master advice about how to achieve their desired level behind the day, not profit, but in your heart to a sense of achievement is good. I QQ:7786684 my site is and we hope that the progress of master have introduced me to a point you do stand experience, then I will learn and grow in to work and help more.

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