Community platform operation how do operate the community

17 Jul 2017 admin

– written on the occasion of the new Shenzhen ( club on the line,

This year,

decided to return to the original position, start to do community operation this one, in fact, it is difficult to do community operation in China, the first is the policy of this piece, I do the community before a few days will receive a call from the police, but also a few days off situation of the server is.

but I decided to go community operation this piece of balsam pear ( network chairman Xu Mengqiu asked me the bullet, is not because you do community before, once brilliant, and now your community decline, the heart has unwilling to


also do not know to have this factor, but always wanted to work in the community, a year ago have such intention, this thing is not just another thing, let oneself really don’t have time to consider.

this time, met Ding, said she has always wanted to build a dating community platform, she talked about her ideas, so I should persuade her, as we do together a community platform, development in the community based Shenzhen nostalgia network.

after three or four months of consideration, Ding An Zixin finally from domestic companies there resigned out, really, let out a small heart, feel a little sorry Ann teacher, I want to do my way D counts, but later because she entered an subsidiary engaged in accounting. This time to the community, let her out from a subsidiary, and Ann a teacher has always been for me is very caring, and this let Ding resigned, seemed a little inhuman like.

ANN, the teacher, the guest, the teacher also understand, support me very much, on the contrary, they also give the power of love on this piece,


so, we’ve built a server in Hongkong, 2M, exclusive bandwidth. However, the recent speed is not ideal, and I do not know whether 2M exclusive. After a period of time, such as the official operation of the site, and then communicate with the service provider.

, now let’s talk about how I operate the community.

As for the

community operation, should say something about the community, now the network developed era, compared with the past, love bubble forum, community people seem to be less than before, the previous community forum, not now, I had to do the forum, in Shenzhen, personal forum not much, it seems that we could build a web site, is a very wonderful thing. Now, with the open source of the community, just buy a space, a domain name, a few minutes, and so on, you can build a community. So there are more websites than people, and it’s not easy to really work in a community. Moreover, there are QQ, QQ group and other communication tools, but also a large number of people streaming, in my bubble forums, communities on the times, it seems that only BBS can