Grassroots Adsense breakdown of two years experience in the station

17 Jul 2017 admin

today think of writing this, is to give yourself two years to do a simple summary of the station, but also hope to let the new station leaders take less detours, and I hope to help you. I thought I’d quit,


goes straight to the subject:

cheated through one:

I was the first station in August 08 years or so to do, just remember to do when standing, are looking for some free source code on the Internet, even if their modification is completed, all traffic routes, the later found himself on the website of the promotion is not, give up the flow line, because of the start a feel suitable for local station domain name, Shenyang is the 024 code, "5" means, 0245 for Shenyang, so I want to be a local station, relying on local resources to do, finally decided to do a local classification and information network (in fact now "Shenyang business network" predecessor). So, when the first decided to spend money to buy the source code, we find a good source, election to election, I chose the art at the time can also be a source of forest information network "(here," a ", do not say specifically, believe that knowledge of source market all know what is the price) it is not expensive, 240 yuan, other details not say, said cheated, the most serious is the customer service service, buy the source code, like a warm heat pig, after buying the source code after you fool, completely disappeared, don’t bird you, installation, modification of such source never reply, no way, I can only modify their own source code, after the modification, the most ridiculous is that he took me as a model of the station building project, spread everywhere, said the station is the source of his, how well do I (home art, according to the pattern of self The idea has changed some of the results), finally a bunch of people and I QQ ask me some procedural issues, and these customers generally feel cheated, procedure is not technology, and customer service, he will never reply, do not give any help! It seems I’m not the only one, that this person has a personality problem no! Service is easy to handle, I have to solve, but finally I have to give up the main reason of this website is spam, the site did not guard at the time of the sending machine, garbage piles. Delete the information every day have to delete half a day! Have to give up, in vain my efforts!


summary: do not fully believe the seller’s commitment at the time, and not in the hands of individuals who develop software to buy this type of program, the after-sales can not keep up with your needs!


cheated through two:

once, don’t remember seeing an advertisement "the most suitable for white-collar part-time job where easily earn 100 yuan" advertising, only registered 139 mailboxes, to receive a part-time job, I don’t know how I was stupid, with their own mobile phone registered a 139 e-mail however, the first reply message, I found the problem, find their true cheated, and I was happy for myself, "