How to avoid domain name hijacking Enhancing awareness of conservation is key

17 Jul 2017 admin

in the era of the Internet economy, the domain name is the most intuitive link between the enterprise and the Internet, but also business on the Internet ", which contains a gilded signboard" internal brand value has been regarded as an important intangible asset in the era of network economy. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of the domain name market transactions, the trend of domain name registration has also escalated, and the "network trademark" defense war from four onwards.

, according to the global domain name industry report for the first quarter of 2009, the total number of Internet domain names has now exceeded 180 million, a staggering figure. According to another report published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), 08 years of global disputes over domain name registration reached 2329, setting a record of the annual number of such disputes. Industry experts pointed out that precisely because of the vigorous development of the domain name market, led to the frequent occurrence of "hijacking" events, "domain name" rush wave "wave over the waves.".

today, cybersquatting and social celebrities, hot events, famous brand related network domain name and put it in the online auction, has become something of a way of earning money "". King of pop Michael · Jackson fall so many businesses see the potential business opportunities, a "memory of Michael · Jackson ( the domain name for nearly $one billion in public outcry. Therefore, the investment domain can be obtained beyond all expectations of return, which also spawned a "domain name speculation".

is not only a traditional domain name, with the advent of 3G and the arrival of the mobile Internet era,.Mobi domain names have also been added a lot, and the introduction of each new top-level domain name may make the preemptive behavior intensified. Chinese net Nuo concerns concerned expert to think, domain name is preemptive like Internet "alternative" business, in fact it is same as the trademark infringement in reality. It is not difficult to find out that a number of registered events are concerned. In addition to the Related words for hot events, they are often registered outside the register, and the same names and similar words can not escape the fate of being registered. No doubt it will bring many enterprises or large or small economic losses and reputation losses, so that business owners have a headache.

The essence of

hijacking domain name is to use the other’s trademark, trade name or other logo to register the domain name on the internet. The survey shows that both Chinese and English domain names are unique, scarce, versatile and convenient. They are not only convenient for memory, but also for potential customers. In recent years, as the world-famous "Haier", "Jianlibao", "Tong", "Wahaha", "Changhong" and other dozens of domestic famous brands have occurred in the event of cybersquatting.

up to now, the domain name "malicious cybersquatting" behavior is still repeated, why? On the one hand, is driven by the interests, on the other hand, it is because the enterprise’s self protection consciousness is not strong, let the criminals loopholes. According to the survey, about 40000000 institutions have been registered with the trade and Industry Bureau, but only about 1000000 websites have been established