Godaddy’s P Oolong

17 Jul 2017 admin

in addition to the new, I also have a sexual health station, forced domestic network to vulgar tide, the site moved to foreign Godaddy space, the speed is not reduced and the monthly flow of 1500GB, from a few days ago to calculate flow blowout, limited to 20 minutes 500 online number, like this at least in the domestic flat-share server configuration can be realized, and also must be trusted flat-share server.

, but Godaddy is not so perfect. Changing IP is a bad habit. Of course, it’s a bad habit not to check it regularly.

after dinner to register the website to see Page Not Found tips, immediately check FTP, also unable to log on, enter the Godaddy background also found no hints, but at the same time in another domain name registration GoDaddy and bound can normal visit, doubts the United States is not advocating harmony, think before heard about Godaddy IP, Dedicated IP Address immediately see the background, know that such an accident happened on himself.

login mail check mail, three April 6th from [email protected] to help remind found in a pile of mail: As part Godaddy of a continuing effort to provide the highest quality service for our valued customers, your hosting account will be migrated to a new server in 24 hours.

compared, we are more accustomed to the domestic IDC customer service QQ dialogue, and even active telephone notification, while Godaddy and other foreign IDC and companies are more inclined to email such a simple way of communication. It’s hard to say who is the best or the same as the Godaddy host. At least my site has been suspended from old IP to new parsing, and the site has been out of service for three hours.

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