Don’t let these criminals harm our website

17 Jul 2017 admin

high weight web site should pay attention to. Beware of criminals using our websites to post harmful letters. What I do is Lianyungang information network. A lot of useful information is registered on my website every day. Part of the information is collected. After more than 1 years of hard work, IP is now over 1000. Because it’s personal. Information cannot be read every time. At first, I let users publish automatic passes. This decision, let me find a few times by supervisor. It started with poison messages, and then smuggled cars. Finally, there is no way. The IP of the information publisher can only be limited to this province. It’s much better now. For a long time there is no supervisor call, really still want them;


today, there is a message also attracted my attention, a net friend want me to introduce the world pass, my website has been a few anti world information. I found it on the Internet and reported that the world was a liar. Take a look at the mode of operation of the world. Take the money back to the old agent. Obvious form of mlm. Why do so many people want to join?. Illustrate profitable. They did not see the essence of pyramid schemes. See only profit. When you are not banned, you may cheat the next fool to join the Commission, once banned. The new is lost. You never get a chance to cheat. Please don’t believe what a good thing. There’s no free lunch right now. It’s impossible to buy 100 dollars for 1 quick money. Yes, that 100 fast money must be counterfeit money.

3 months ago, my Lianyungang information network ( often sent people around the world advertising. Because the website is more weight on Baidu. Morning information may be included in the afternoon. Site world through the web site, my website can display in Baidu first also page. The phone number was disconnected from the message holder. Many netizens called to ask our customer service. Ask if we are world wide web sites. That’s QQ consulting. I can only say that I do not know. There is no such thing as good in the world.

finally remind you webmaster. More monitoring. The website must add IP record function, do not let these illegal elements endanger our website. It’s not easy for us to do web sites.