nternet start-ups small business, big business

17 Jul 2017 admin

is currently in the peak of the Internet business, have seen many Internet entrepreneurs, most of the models have their own unique, but to be honest, really innovative, or technological innovation of rare. Even so, the Internet field still has the best entrepreneurial soil, especially for Chinese entrepreneurs, which is not available in other areas of entrepreneurship,

The benefits of

‘s Internet start-ups lie in the Internet itself as an open platform, and its spirit is open, collaborative, shared and shared. This is different from many resource-based and relational barriers to entrepreneurship.

, of course, not all entrepreneurs are going to change the world, to establish a new commercial civilization, for the vast majority of people, to gain a foothold to successfully support the team and myself on the Internet, and the development is the first step.

at present, many vertical type of website, do very well, worthy of reference for entrepreneurs who want to start the internet. There are many websites not only for everyone to know, for example, Chinese heavy machine (www.zjixie.com) is a focus in engineering machinery and heavy machinery to the B2B website, but ugly in appearance, has become China’s largest construction machinery website. Although the construction machinery direction is very small, but it is very accurate. It has gathered a group of users concerned about construction machinery through the community +b2b, attracting users here who are concerned about construction machinery, so basically the quality of users is very high. Therefore, on the basis of the website B2B, the e-commerce community model has shown a strong vitality, high conversion rate, and the current sales have reached millions. Although sales are not dazzling, but for the early start of small teams, this is a very good achievement, at least to achieve survival, and began to move towards development. Such examples, for many people who want to engage in Internet business, it has more reference value.

from the Alexa data, the site has a high viscosity. The last three months of PV per capita it is 39, about 10 more than large portal; per capita residence time of nearly 40 minutes, far higher than the large portal 10 minutes; and the bounce rate is only 19.3%, far lower than the large portal 30%. At present, the world ranking in more than 70 thousand, while the domestic ranking in less than 5000, may be for a large mass of websites, entertainment sites, this flow is not high. But given the narrow population of users it faces, such traffic is already very good for a single field that focuses solely on hair health.

machinery industry also can be bigger, the China heavy machine network, will gather more users attention in machinery industry, especially in the face of mechanical maintenance of the user, its value will continue to improve, because users solve mechanical problems of supply and demand, rental demand is very urgent for them, mechanical equipment can not be in place in time may mean delay. They >