E-commerce website from the details of how to start strategizing

17 Jul 2017 admin

has spread in the e-commerce era, many small and medium-sized enterprises, individual entity sellers have been racking his head into the circle, lest they cannot get a slice. But the present moment is clearly not the best, and the competition is undoubtedly the most intense.

I have a friend, just play Tmall this year, Taobao began to play, quickly enter the category of TOP 50, C also want to open more stores, he said that regardless of Taobao Tmall, the rapid flow to focus on big sellers, small sellers increasingly difficult. The small sellers how to operate their own e-commerce platform? Remove contacts, resources, capital and other factors, small sellers should pay more attention to the details, focus on the details of the game to create.

1. product selection is critical.


is to enter the network marketing, it is a permanent solution to. Whether it is to provide entity products or services, in order to take the long-term, and ultimately for the brand as the point of fall. Since it is necessary to develop a product or service into a brand, it is necessary to fully tap the advantages of the product. Therefore, in choosing a product, it is necessary to consider whether the product has differences, whether this difference is easy to peer imitation, and so on. Price positioning can be appropriate on the high side, but the choice of products is best set at the end, the feelings presented to customers as much as possible value for money, rather than cheap junk.

2. analyze the target population carefully,

is still a lot of sellers in the Alibaba purchase, so want to find the so-called "blue ocean" in network marketing, that already did not exist. Since marketing each product will have almost peers, then want to do better, earn more, only more than peers to spend their minds. Analyzing directory populations is the X marketing strategy for each merchant. Since customers have said it is not anti habit, with many sales to attract more customers. As small and medium-sized sellers, you can go to peer sales performance of a good site, learn the details of competitors build, as well as customers in the purchase and use of feedback, so as to constantly improve themselves.

3. page response speed

pages should not open for more than 10 seconds, or customers will lose a lot. This is especially true of e-commerce websites. Try to avoid too many and too large pictures, documents, Flash animation, you should first take into account the necessary information about the relevant products.

4. product information is as rich and comprehensive as possible

can greatly improve the product conversion rate if it can provide enough information for the products sold. Sometimes traffic is not necessarily more, as long as the conversion rate can improve, it is also a lot of harvest. In addition to the basic product parameter description, some interesting and interesting information should be added, such as the brand meaning behind each product, or the story that occurs when the product is integrated into use.

5. product pictures delicate, clear,

photo, of course, is an e-commerce website