Boost site traffic 6 basic elements of website operation success

17 Jul 2017 admin

if you are an entrepreneur and run a small, medium, or large enterprise / organization, you wonder why the company’s web traffic is so low or the conversion rate has not increased. In fact, minor changes can lead to significant results, and your site is likely to lack the elements necessary for general website operations. Here are 6 basic elements of the success of your web site.

1. excellent visual design,

The design of the

site is very important. See, when people first saw the site, its image and the image of the company directly printed into the eye, or beauty at a glance. Usually, a good design will be accompanied by a price tag, but be sure to keep it updated and give the user a fresh look. Poor website design is likely to directly lose potential users, because the poor design will appear website is cheap, directly affect the company’s external image.


Inkd in

, the website design is very simple, but it feels very professional, very clear, worthy of dependence.

2. site oriented clear

you want to tell visitors how to use the site. Web oriented, mostly look like buttons, which are important for improving the site conversion rate. First of all, how do you want to tell your web site visitors how to do it? Do you want them to place an order online? Do you want them to contact you or subscribe to the news? The orientation of the website tells the visitors clearly. The method is as follows:

A. site oriented logo to be large enough, large enough to attract visitors attention.

B. site oriented logo color should be eye-catching, and other elements of the site’s color is different.

C. web oriented content should be clear, brief and easy to understand.

D. website guide to the location of the top.

‘s criteria for judging whether or not web orientation is striking are to take a few backward steps and to spot it clearly. Remember to update and test frequently. These minor changes can increase your site conversion rate.


The Firefox browser’s download button in the

diagram is very nice and it tells users the new features of the product and the reason why you have to download it.

3. clear navigation bar

browse the website, but can not find other functions, click the entrance enough to explain how bad the site, navigation bar must be eye-catching and simple. It’s necessary to organize and arrange the link of the website. At the same time, the navigation bar of each page should be unified.


In the

diagram, New Zealand web navigation bars are very clear, each important link is striking, and the two level links are very methodical.