Discussion on the establishment of management team of local forum

17 Jul 2017 admin

since January 5, 2009, the forum has been established for nearly 10 months, the 2009 Forum groping forward in the wrong and correct errors in the alternate process, the forum is today is the result of the result of the concerted efforts of all Internet users, is the crystallization of all management team who always never abandon the struggle.

looking back at history, looking back over the past 10 months, our team made many gratifying achievements since the June 28th 09 forum officially set up the management team, the forum held a number of online and offline activities in the management team, which once again successfully held activities, constantly in practice our commitment forum purpose: to create a healthy network order, for the construction of the beautiful Qiandao Lake with our users enthusiasm and talent. To this day, our Internet community is growing, and our website’s daily IP is constantly updating its record, and our team is moving toward maturity.


, as the founder of the forum, I kept thinking: how to build an excellent management team, to make the site go faster, go more stable, go better? After learning the advanced experience of stationmaster net, I tailored to a management team reform plan for my website. The scheme is as follows:

1. The establishment of the forum is as follows:

1, top management forum 2, forum 3, the planning team owner system forum 4, the forum financial department

two, forums, agencies, departments, functions detailed:

1, forum top management

forum management mechanism is the forum to exercise the highest right institution (non supervision organization), is mainly responsible for the forum specific things, including your appointment, audit evaluation, according to the ability for users to appoint the real owner responsible owner, and proposed that the excellent promotion to senior management functions from Forum Forum Organization and so on; the governing body of the executive director of the 1 Forum (the highest administrator), 1 (general management forum administrator, responsible for the development of the forum version of the area definition and future planning), 1 honorary director (Manager), 6 total total each forum version composed of bamboo.

here is to emphasize the appointment and removal of all within the area of your total version will exercise the functions by the owner, for unfair treatment decisions in general forum management can not solve the case, will be handed over to the Forum on behalf of users " " resolution; treatment.

2, from

forum systemKey to the success of

is the owner of a forum, a development version of the area is to see here, at the forum, you act as the mainstay role for the owner of the appointment and removal of resolutely avoid mistake occurred in the past 1 years. You should have become a forum is a sense of responsibility (motionless resigner disabled), mission (although the forum is a free speech, regardless of the severity of the local life, but you remember from your office from the moment you >