How to do three thousand traffic a month

17 Jul 2017 admin

for many of the old owners, put a new flow to thousands or even tens of thousands there be nothing difficult in a month’s time, but for me a station novice, 30 days in the flow will do 3000 exploration is not a small thing and a great self Xing encouraged so, the new owners want to share in this and most of their shallow experience, want to inspire everyone.

remember my station (everyday beauty) just do more than half a month with you on her death in the retrogradation of unforgettable experiences, but half a month later is not actually my new Everything is going smoothly., within a week for Baidu K has lost three times, why I was complaining the station should have so many unfortunate fate? Then slowly accustomed to Baidu rather big, can not put all bets on Baidu, I am determined to find a new development path, the flow is a station of the soul, no flow, optimization again good, content rich station can be that is flashy without substance.

many webmaster do station idea is: do rankings or do friendship, which gradually increase the flow of the site, if the rankings do well, a day to tens of thousands of IP are possible. Because after several changes, I don’t think this is a reliable way to do so only every day, always on tenterhooks you really don’t know what, in fact, when a search engine to K your nerve a left, then lose is almost all of the Links, can be imagined, more traffic little is left.

my train of thought is to be able to do some friendship, but mainly through the following aspects of increasing website traffic:

1. make a favorite

can use some of the high weight favorites to collect their own web pages. At most, one day brings 700 of the traffic to my station. This method may be mechanical and boring, but if you do it, it will really bring you a surprise, and it will be more stable.

2. do traffic alliance

and other stations of their own, there are some stable flow, you can take these traffic flow alliance. A new station, do not start thinking about advertising money, when nothing can be earned, but it also hindered the development of the site. The union to do a few, not a single, to the reasonable use of every inch of space and form the site, try not to repeat, it can not only make each flow can be fully utilized, it is to enrich the web page content, let visitors love your station. So, why not? If interested, welcome friends to my website to see, perhaps you can play a role in attracting jade.

3. multi study statistical statements

many webmaster will ignore statistical reports, in fact, it is very important, it is like a searchlight, tell me a lot of important information, help me point out the direction of progress. Analyze statistics frequently and I can read