100% sales promotion of product conversion

17 Jul 2017 admin

conversion Frank is a pleasant surprise and headache indicators, high conversion rate, fear of instability; conversion rate is low, it is simply waste of traffic, traffic is money ah. The conversion rate of the product is not high, but it is affected by many factors, and the most important one is sales copy. Sales copywriting is a part of persuading visitors directly, and writing good sales documents can greatly relieve customer service pressure.

many friends write sales copy there is a problem: logic is not clear. Logical sales copy should be progressive, interlocking, small strokes began to put into the final resorted big move, so that visitors want to buy more and more; and the logic is not clear the sales copy, may begin to move to make out, left behind are small strokes, see no more desire to buy. So what is clear logic? I made a picture, look at:


the first step: keep visitors

there is no doubt that if visitors open your product page is closed if you have no chance, so here must be a gorgeous trick, this trick can not kill, but it must be beautiful, good-looking, let visitors have left to look down the desire.

what’s this trick,


1, the use of Matthew effect, to inform visitors that this product has been purchased by XXXX people, is the best-selling products xxx. (the most direct and violent, to provide evidence, can not net Huyou)

2, the use of authority to inform visitors, the product certified by the authority of the XXX xxx. (this is useful and necessary to provide proof.)

3, show the effectiveness and power of the product directly. Record a video that can directly reflect the effectiveness of the product, at the front.

4 temptation. Example: you want to have a palace in heaven? You want the improper relationship for your song and seven fairy well, you do not want to become a monkey can enjoy seventy-two change? Do you want to become the guest of the Lao kill? My latest research shows that Buddha. Convert to Buddhism, is your best choice! (this excerpt from a s video)

5, intimidating. No, the words that can trigger some visitors fear are counted. 4 and 5 are commonly used in TV shopping ads in the plot, simple and crude)

6, funny, amused, curiosity. (for this lively friend, do doggerel, a funny piece, can, but be related with product


the first trick does not pursue any effect, as long as it can attract visitors to stay. We walk in the street, often can hear "guide girl" call passers-by voice: "handsome / beautiful woman, come in and have a look, come in and have a look, don’t buy, don’t worry, don’t buy, don’t worry."……" That’s the effect, as long as you come in