Did Baidu take the chance to adjust SEO’s confidence

17 Jul 2017 admin

since the founding of Baidu Adsense community, you can say that Baidu will carry out two major updates every month, each week will be a small update. Before, Baidu update is only a little update, blow is also reasonable. But now the general big update, will innocent hurt many websites. In the end is Baidu’s technical setback, or Adsense more and more will not optimize,


according to reason, each webmaster in accordance with the search engine guide to operate, can achieve certain optimization effect. However, Baidu’s update this year will always hurt part of the site.

from Scindapsus algorithm after Baidu unveiled a pomegranate algorithm, and related to the chain site to determine the definition of cheating, a series of policies, let us stand too late to adjust the site root root. As far as the author is concerned, one of my colleagues said, "Baidu," Baidu is adjusting so fast that we are standing too slowly". This means that we haven’t ranked on the website yet. The website hasn’t been adjusted yet, and the result is that Baidu has been updated.

doing SEO is a hard job. It probably won’t feel very tired at first. But slowly, you’ll find that a website doesn’t bring enough revenue for you, and you start calculating second websites and even third websites. When you have a lot of websites, you will have a headache to update on the content. I don’t know what to write every day. The chain release place less and less, and you will worry about the chain of problems, headache a lot of things.

even solve the web content and the chain of the problem, the final search engine problem you can’t solve. Many webmaster should have discovered, recently website ranking situation is unstable, fluctuation is quite big. It ranked 3 consecutive striking one snag after another, one day, the beating frequency are great. For example: first in the morning, 10 in the afternoon, 100 in the evening and second in the morning.

some old websites in recent cases, snapshot stop, ranking one or two keywords. Then the content will be updated immediately. These are for us to do SEO optimization is a pressure. On the one hand, the pressure from customers, on the other hand, is the pressure of search engines, how to restore the rankings has become a major event.

, the author has several network companies, because the website ranking can not go up, the result dissolved. If it is in the past, they do the ranking, generally two or three months you can go up, and it will not be difficult to do. However, since this year’s Baidu algorithm series of adjustments, they give customers to do web site ranking instability, and some sites have a few keywords ranking, a few may be in 100 place.

this phenomenon of the website, in addition to other people’s company, such as the author of the network company also appear this situation. I believe that if any longer, any network company will not be able to live. If the Internet company fails, Baidu is the biggest beneficiary. Of course, we don’t evaluate it