How can we make a stand

17 Jul 2017 admin

There is every kind of website

on the Internet, but what kind of website is a good website? You may soon think of the major portals, because their information are few websites like the original content is the most, but I think that a person, a a good website is not a famous website, they provide detailed, but also to improve their flow, click rate, in order to attract visitors, often use the title to attract the attention of others, this is the title of the party.

is really good with the user., for example, is a web site dedicated to martial arts heroes. Rich in content and quick to update news and information. Meet the needs of users.

The so-called

stand is to meet the requirement of visitors to the site.

what’s a garbage station? First. Not meeting the user’s needs. Users access and can’t find what they need. Then his second visit was a problem. Second. Full page ads, the most disgusting thing. Many Adsense in order to make money, the website advertisement bar full. What a vile thing to do. Third. Space access is very slow and users wait half a minute in order to open a web site. Such a station should be left early. Fourth. I think this virus pop station, the station should get off, harm to others.

standards for good websites, I have the following experience:

The contents of the

1: look in line with the title.

2: content health, no vulgar content.

3: allows visitors to find the information they need on time and on time.

4: advertising delivery should be reasonable, without affecting visitors to read the launch.

5: doesn’t have viruses, Trojans or anything like that.

as a station, if you can not do big, then do fine, do specialized. That would be better. 90% of the site is dead at the starting line, there is no good line, there is no good tomorrow. I hope you can choose the station when you choose the road. Don’t start thinking about the profit. You must seize the user’s psychology. Traffic is big, money is not earned.