have a sense of feeling Amateur webmaster view A5

17 Jul 2017 admin

I intend to

originally in the Admin5 code is no longer anything, because of psychological sour grapes is too heavy, but yesterday saw this post is graph king sigh the change


animation, the hacker community, webmasters and so on, the word out for me is not strange, why want to retire? A lot of Boss hackers, or many webmaster has rarely appeared in the network this is why


I personally feel that people often do not understand what they really need, is the abalone? Just a shell thickness, blood shells, shark’s fin, is nothing more than a little tough "fans Rice noodles", ginseng? But is a grass root! And tend to accumulate life can to reach your dream and after will feel that this is not their ownership, do not know if you do not see, which may explain why 1 people 20 years ago would be a doer, after 20 years will be


it is the dream of a feint, Rao Liang column, after the aroma will feel empty, you will continue to! This is the Olympics! And in the end they just need a lonely life!

I’m not a occupation webmaster, even said that the amateur is far fetched, but I love A5, as a few years ago, love love bubble black 77169, work more, I love the Internet to kill time, I love to go out with friends to go home a small cup of vinegar! Eat a meal is sweat. Life is beautiful, so


maybe for some practical work hard but is to create wealth of people only, it is working. Who knows, but often have this kind of psychological friends are not enjoying life, sometimes sweat is not salty, but sweet, the taste of life, each different! Only you love the job you will feel "tired" is actually a happy


once know how to change a perspective, know how to enjoy that ugly point, fart is comfortable! Really, if you just for that month a check for GG, to the hundreds of yuan of money why let oneself perennial with Buddha like sitting in front of the computer?

do not feel tired!

on the contrary, back to reality a person will get a lot of good friends, a few, a few laughs, when their pay is the most happy? People live a hundred years, is actually a story, how to rely on their own, without distinction, and not only the wonderful wonderful! The beauty only my own money and people will understand! Two "items" put together is the most easy to zouhuorumo Dongdong, exactly is who control the money, or money to drive people? Sad ah……