Better die than live, local forum operation introduction

17 Jul 2017 admin

today my mailbox received space expiring information, remembered their operation in Yuyao forum has been more than 10 months, very ashamed, he did 10 months up to now still not popular forum, once vowed, confidence day has gone from me, just to see the day.


forum has no what members post ad is a few every day and do the SEO outreach in the post, so every day I go to clean the sensitive advertising posts, thank you very much for them, at least

they help me update Baidu search forum, the Yuyao forum has mostly been ranked in the top three, my forum address is:, welcome master ariadne.

In fact, the local

forum of good and bad people think only in the twinkling of an eye, we have the largest Yuyao Yuyao forum, there are still many defects, many members are complaining. If you can get them for me, then I will turn the forum, to tell the truth I think I have 10 loyal members, I will be able to engage in this forum, achieved through the chain marketing between friends and the effect is very striking

after time accumulation, the effect is enormous.

although she is dead, but I still intend to renew, good death is better than living, opportunities are always for those who are prepared, one day not discouraged ha, The path winds along mountain ridges., just to see behind the people posting that deleted their place to stand it.

only in this article commemorate the Yuyao forum 08 years, this article looks forward to the development of the Yuyao forum in 09 years, the end of next year to record a new year of brilliant ^_^