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17 Jul 2017 admin

site traffic is our ultimate goal to do SEO optimization, the direct source at the same time it is also our webmaster gain, then what is the website traffic? What is the dominant natural flow in web traffic accounted for? Below the author for the webmaster interpretation of what is the natural flow of


first of all, what we need to know is the value of natural flow and why we should do natural flow. Natural flow is more targeted, in the natural flow, there are some customer demand for our goods. Just like: if you want to buy a laptop, you can search for some information about the laptop on the Internet. These traffic are our potential customers. The behavior of natural flow can also be called behavior data. If a website is entirely based on promotion, then your customers are not your real customers. Do natural flow can help our site gain, also can help our site retain customers.

secondly, we need to understand what the natural flow method is. In my opinion, the natural flow can be roughly divided into three points as follows:

1. access through the Internet third party platform applications

For example, sina

Baidu Post Bar micro-blog, Baidu space and so on, in which you a platform to publish an article, once the customer search words related to the title of the article, so your article will be recommended to the customer, this is the first method for natural flow.

2. through the enterprise itself optimize website keywords

relative to some less popular products. Most enterprises and companies will use this method to obtain natural flow, that is, we often say SEO, through the SEO to do a good job site keywords ranking, and ultimately get the natural flow of the site.

3. via search engine bidding system

this is a search engine for a service tailored to the majority of business users, to obtain independent promotion position through keyword bidding, eventually to attract the attention of the user, to meet the needs of users, so as to obtain the natural flow, of course, this price is very expensive. And often there are malicious clicks.

finally, let’s look at the common problems that arise in the methods of acquiring natural flows. Through SEO to do natural flow, then the cost is relatively low, the time cycle is relatively long, higher labor costs. The bidding cost is higher, the income effect is not very stable. Third party platform is to control their own web site in their hands, without the initiative, and its effect is difficult to predict.

to sum up, in order to get a good site rankings, natural flow must be done, and only do the natural flow of the site, is the fundamental of our optimization. (this article is edited by the tunnel engineering network Please keep the link for reprint.